Stop Medicaid expansions and defund ObamaCare

Mark Levin posted on Facebook back on Nov. 3, 2010, “How to defund Obamacare. You read it here first.” On Levin’s facebook posting is a link to a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective Oct. 28, 2010 article by Henry J. Aaron, Ph.D., “The Midterm Elections – High Stakes for Health Policy.” ACA will transform […]

The idiots in the government upset over $0.95

$.95 cents! That is it, the world is ending over $.95 cents.   Our government spends $3,700 billion per year and they are looking to cut $25 billion of it, potentially up to $85 billion over the rest of the year at the top end. That is .007 percent or less than 1 percent.  So, […]

Obama: the little boy who wants more ice cream

This morning’s White House email begins with this: Weekly Address: Congress Must Compromise to Stop the Impact of the Sequester In his weekly address, President Obama tells the American people that a series of harmful budget cuts—called the sequester—have taken effect because Congress failed to act. Because Republicans in Congress refused to compromise to close […]

Rush: Obama’s release of 500 illegals “impeachable offense”

There were 500 illegal immigrants released by the Department of Homeland Security because of the looming sequester. The White House is claiming that the decision was made by career employees within ICE. Could a decision like this really be made without the White House’s blessing? One of the main roles of the federal government is […]

Hand to hand combat against the enemy from within

There is an enemy in the White House. What are you doing to make sure that is stopped? They will eat their young. They are brutally committed to “the end justifies the means”. There is a hierarchy that protects a pre-conceived aristocracy. Retreat is the ultimate sin, and there is no time to mourn collateral […]

Let the sequester begin

The sequester kicks in on March 1, 2013. In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, 22nd District of California, sums up that the Obama administration is using scare tactics that the sequester spending cuts will usher in Armageddon.   Government employees fear losing their jobs, but as Nunes says, […]

10 things to know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday, from the AP: 1. SPREADING THE BLAME FOR BUDGET CUTS The White House and Republicans kept up the mudslinging over who’s to blame for $85 billion in budget cuts set to take effect this week. 2. OSCARS HOST […]