Mar. 4 Radio Show – Medicaid expansion, new app tracking #GunFreeZones, and educating your little patriot w/ Rep. Andrew Brenner, John Peden and Amelia Hamilton

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>>>Listen to the show here!<<< Listen to The Brenner Brief Radio Show — Sara Marie Brenner’s weekly radio talk show! On Mar. 4 from 9-1030p ET, our guests will be: 9:20p ET — Ohio State Rep. Andrew O. Brenner: Sara Marie Brenner’s husband, Andrew, will join us to discuss Medicaid expansion in the states, the governors who have accepted […]

Remembering Breitbart: “Conservatives used to take it, and we’re not taking it anymore”

Here at The Brenner Brief, our slogan is “rendering the mainstream media useless.” During the scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart broke the story and was questioned — no, attacked — by the mainstream media who couldn’t fathom why he was posting this story to besmirch Weiner. Then, at what was supposed to be a […]

It’s a wrap: Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief” — Bradlee Dean and Black Bloc

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Monday, The Brenner Brief Radio Show was jam-packed with the latest on Benghazi and a can’t miss interview with controversial rocker and preacher, Bradlee Dean. Amanda K. Melson, contributor to The Brenner Brief, interviewed Brandon Darby who penetrated the “Black Bloc” after being recruited by the FBI. The exposé details the organization, their tactics, and countries they […]

The double standards of political corectness

A post by ABC News caught my attention a few days ago. To ABC News’ credit, they did not call Senator John McCain racist. They did, however, ask if a harmless joke he made on Twitter referring to Iran’s Ahmadinejad as a monkey is racist. To make matters worse, it was a Republican who first expressed dismay […]

Instilling values in our children

This year, I actually watched the Super Bowl for the game, and not the commercials or half time show. My home team, the Baltimore Ravens were playing, and were also fortunate enough to walk away with a victory. For many people, Super Bowl parties are a great time to get together with friends, enjoy varieties […]

Show Prep: February 4 Radio Show “The Brenner Brief” w/ Deanna Meadows, Dirk Thompson, Lee Dodson and Jason Blair

Tonight’s show prep is posted below. Learn more about Deanna, Dirk, Lee and Jason in tonight’s show announcement. Be sure to listen to the iTunes podcast or archive of the show! The show is also available on the Stitcher app and Deanna Meadows: Facebook, Facebook group: Trumball County Septic News Dirk Thompson: twitter, Lee Dodson: twitter, Book “Infiltration” and latest press release Jason […]

Twitter hacked!

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter confirmed Friday that it had become the latest victim in a number of high-profile cyber-attacks against media companies, saying that hackers may have gained access to information on 250,000 of its more than 200 million active users. The social media giant said in a blog posting that earlier this week […]