VIDEO — Michelle Malkin: more media malpractice; unions want OUT of ObamaCare

Michelle Malkin explains the heckling video that NBC/MSNBC “selectively edited.” Twitchy, Malkin’s Twitter aggregation site, broke the story calling out the left-wing leaning media outlet for purposefully changing the meaning of the clip. And, she expounds on the interesting fact that unions actually want out of ObamaCare. They’re learning they can’t keep the care they’re to […]

Detroit News Managing Editor Says Steven Crowder “Instigated” Fight; Violence Against Michelle Malkin

Great piece from @saramarietweets illustrating media bias re: Crowder — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 14, 2012 Tonight, the Managing Editor of The Detroit News responded to our conservative rabble-rouser friend, Dana Loesch, accusing Steven Crowder of instigating the union thug: @DLoesch You don't think there's a chance Crowder was looking to instigate a bit? — […]

Show Prep: December 10 w/ Stacy Rush, Amanda K. Melson and Cam Edwards

Tonight’s show prep is posted below. Be sure to listen to the iTunes podcast or archive of the show! The show is also available on the Stitcher app. Stacy Rush: twitter Amanda K. Melson: twitter Cam Edwards: twitter The Doomed Third Party and the “Scorch and Burn” Conservatives – Sara Marie Brenner The Treaty to Block Parental Rights — CRPD – Amanda […]