We’re Making Some Changes…

Over the next few days, The Brenner Brief will be making some changes to our website. During this time, new stories may not be posted as regularly, if at all, so that a transfer may be completed by our volunteers. We will be covering CPAC live from National Harbor, MD, and look forward to posting about […]

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Paul Krugman – “death panels and sales taxes is how we do this”

A comic once commented on a late night talk show that the overwhelming grief caused by the passing of his parents was not all that surprising. What was surprising was the realization that he was now in the proverbial green room waiting to go on next. For those of you 55 years of age or […]

Sarah Palin congratulates Tim Scott, thanks Gov. Haley; Haters gotta hate

This from the “tolerant left.” They always show their true colors (pun intended), and especially their attraction to the “war on women.”

GOP: “The Base? What Base?”

Since the election, we’ve seen speculation and ‘what if’ scenarios. Many have expressed their varying opinions on what could have been done differently and what we need to change as a party going forward. For many Republicans, standing firm to our underlying principles and not compromising to the point of sacrificing those principles is at […]