Conservatives, which leaders represent our core?

Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter, IV, provided an unanticipated, critical boost for President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes last year, rolling out a partisan narrative while tilling the bumpy political landscape. Mother Jones slam dunked James Carter’s 47 percent catch of a video during the contentious season amid collective gasps on the part of Dems […]

Shocking (not really) … Republicans were right: GAO report says ObamaCare adds $6.2T to long-term deficit

Over the last few years, President Obama has said the following about ObamaCare: [It will] lower costs for family, and for business, and for the federal government. … It is paid for. It is fiscally responsible. … And here’s what you need to know: first, I will not sign a plan that adds one dime […]

10 things to know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday, from the AP: 1. SPREADING THE BLAME FOR BUDGET CUTS The White House and Republicans kept up the mudslinging over who’s to blame for $85 billion in budget cuts set to take effect this week. 2. OSCARS HOST […]

The use of the “bully pulpit”

While the term “bully pulpit” was first used by President Theodore Roosevelt as a way to describe a platform utilized to push forward an agenda, the phrase has taken on a far more sinister meaning under the Barack Obama administration. Certainly presidents have used their position as the leader of the free world to advocate […]

Why a woman does not support the Violence Against Women Act

JackieLynn Wellfonder

JackieLynn Wellfonder explains why she and many others do not support the Violence Against Women Act. Does this make her — a woman — a woman-hater? With my focus as of late being on second amendment issues, primarily, I had not paid a lot of attention to the Violence Against Women Act until I saw […]

BIG BROTHER: Obama’s plan for drones in U.S.

Pamela Seley explains how drones could be used in U.S. airspace, especially after 2015. Obama’s plutocracy has fanned the flames of civil rights supporters. Both Democrats and Republicans are joining together to bring legislation limiting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, for law enforcement and other potential non-military use in U.S. airspace. […]

“Field of Vision: Sen. Rand Paul” by artist Katherine Trunk

“Field of Vision: Sen. Rand Paul” is a portrait by Katherine Trunk created in pencil and acrylic. The title refers to the “Field of Vision”  visual test, since the Republican Senator had been a practicing ophthalmologist  for seventeen years. The good doctor’s field of vision extends beyond  the  medical sense of the phrase.  Paul is […]