Conservatives, which leaders represent our core?

Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter, IV, provided an unanticipated, critical boost for President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes last year, rolling out a partisan narrative while tilling the bumpy political landscape. Mother Jones slam dunked James Carter’s 47 percent catch of a video during the contentious season amid collective gasps on the part of Dems […]

Conservatives need to organize like unions: divide and conquer

Rebecca M. Smith continues her explanation of how conservatives need to organize like unions. This second article in the series discusses dividing and conquering, and combating it when it’s done to you. Organizers for unions and the community utilize what I call the wedge tactic.  They drive a wedge between their target audience and everyone […]

The real story: why Obama was MIA during Benghazi

Those eagerly anticipating Benghazi testimony from senior White House officials found themselves perplexed by the House and Senate leaders’ inability to obtain answers to the most basic questions. We watched as members of congress moved their lips, indeed asking questions, but neglecting to ask the right ones. During Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s testimony, withering […]

Facebook, take this: Tea Party Community site launches as an alternative

Conservatives now have an alternative to Facebook, and it’s gaining serious momentum. Tea Party Community is being launched by Ken Crow, and his partners Tim Selaty Jr., and Tim Selaty Sr., who are responding to recent complaints of censorship being levied against Facebook by members who post conservative-leaning content. Just two weeks ago my friend, actress […]

The conservative circular firing squad

While many are still recovering from the defeat of Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the past election, I hear from far too many conservatives who continue to point fingers at a campaign that was ultimately defeated by the Barack Obama machine. I certainly understand the frustration, even feeling it myself, but what good can come […]

Ben Shapiro: conservatives must be bullies to win

If anyone in the Republican party required additional proof to solidify the decision that now is the time for passing the GOP torch to the next generation, Ben Shapiro’s recent appearance at The Heritage Foundation provides the smoking gun. This video is a must see for anyone frustrated with the GOP’s messaging, or lack there […]

What are you going to do about your government?

There used to be some issues in American politics that transcended partisanship. For the past four years, it seems no matter how blatantly incompetent, corrupt, or derelict in duty, members of the Democratic party will fall in line. Government has never been known for its sincerity. That is ultimately the reason I am a Republican. […]