Stop Medicaid expansions and defund ObamaCare

Mark Levin posted on Facebook back on Nov. 3, 2010, “How to defund Obamacare. You read it here first.” On Levin’s facebook posting is a link to a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective Oct. 28, 2010 article by Henry J. Aaron, Ph.D., “The Midterm Elections – High Stakes for Health Policy.” ACA will transform […]

It’s a wrap: Mar. 4 “The Brenner Brief” radio show

Sara Marie Brenner

This week’s edition of The Brenner Brief Radio Show with Sara Marie Brenner covered all the latest including sequestration, the Medicaid expansion, gun control, and school choice. Last week was the one year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. As with so many other conservatives, Andrew’s war cry was an inspiration to Sara Marie. To listen […]

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel says “no” to Kasich’s Medicaid expansion plan

On February 11, 2013, Ohio’s conservative Treasurer of State, Josh Mandel, sent this letter to the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Republican President of the Ohio Senate. John Kasich has called for expanding Medicaid in Ohio, and many conservatives are against the plan. Mandel ran for U.S. Senate in 2012 […]

Second inaugural reflections from a divided nation

Every four years the nation has a chance to take a deep breath and look forward. Presidential inaugurations are usually a time of reflection and a time for anticipation as a new four-year term begins. This year, and especially this inauguration, makes me feel as though I have been on a giant rollercoaster, and at […]

Unintended Consequence of ObamaCare: Patient Mills

Question: Why do liberals keep passing laws that have been proven to make the situation worse or completely fail in their intended purpose? Answer: Because it makes them feel good. That feel good legislation is the single most reason we got Obamacare, and the law of unintended consequences strikes again. In the past few years, […]

Elections Have Consequences: Wal-Mart Dropping Healthcare

Stacy Rush headshot

According to a copy of Wal-Mart’s company policy obtained by The Huffington Post, beginning in January they will no longer offer health insurance to new hires working less than 30 hours per week. In addition, existing Wal-Mart employees whose average weekly hours fall below 30 may be in danger of losing coverage too. Gasp! Apparently what […]