Mar. 4 Radio Show – Medicaid expansion, new app tracking #GunFreeZones, and educating your little patriot w/ Rep. Andrew Brenner, John Peden and Amelia Hamilton

Sara Marie Brenner photo

>>>Listen to the show here!<<< Listen to The Brenner Brief Radio Show — Sara Marie Brenner’s weekly radio talk show! On Mar. 4 from 9-1030p ET, our guests will be: 9:20p ET — Ohio State Rep. Andrew O. Brenner: Sara Marie Brenner’s husband, Andrew, will join us to discuss Medicaid expansion in the states, the governors who have accepted […]

“Portrait of Vice-President Joe Biden” by artist Katherine Trunk

Artist Katherine Trunk depicted  the portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in an expressionistic style. Joe Biden, second in command, often has played the role of distractor, and sometimes, jester. Within some of the tense moments of President Obama’s tenure, V.P. Biden deflects attention away  with a personality than can be described as “crazy as a […]

Show Prep: February 4 Radio Show “The Brenner Brief” w/ Deanna Meadows, Dirk Thompson, Lee Dodson and Jason Blair

Tonight’s show prep is posted below. Learn more about Deanna, Dirk, Lee and Jason in tonight’s show announcement. Be sure to listen to the iTunes podcast or archive of the show! The show is also available on the Stitcher app and Deanna Meadows: Facebook, Facebook group: Trumball County Septic News Dirk Thompson: twitter, Lee Dodson: twitter, Book “Infiltration” and latest press release Jason […]

Catholics burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria — where’s the MSM?

First, look at this photo: Those are (were) people of the Catholic faith and citizens of Nigeria. They were reportedly burned alive in Nigeria by Muslims. Why in the world isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Because it doesn’t fit their perfect little meme that the Christians are mean and evil to the innocent Muslims. […]

Facebook, take this: Tea Party Community site launches as an alternative

Conservatives now have an alternative to Facebook, and it’s gaining serious momentum. Tea Party Community is being launched by Ken Crow, and his partners Tim Selaty Jr., and Tim Selaty Sr., who are responding to recent complaints of censorship being levied against Facebook by members who post conservative-leaning content. Just two weeks ago my friend, actress […]

Liberal intolerance on Facebook exposed and debated on “The Five”

A compelling segment from Fox News Channel’s show “The Five” discussing the difference in intolerance levels on both sides of the political arena taking place in public and online. Have you ever been suspended on Facebook or had your post taken down? Tell us your story in the comments section at the bottom of this post. […]

National School Choice Week kicks off today!

This morning, National School Choice Week (NSCW) sent an email to supporters launching NSCW! The week is Jan. 27 – Feb. 2, and today is the kick-off day with 3500 event across the country in the next week. It’s kickoff day. I know we’ve been sending you a lot of emails recently. This one’s just […]