‘We need a revolution here’: Chavez remembered at candlelight vigil in San Francisco

Yes, America — we have people in the United States who are mourning Chavez’ death.

The idiots in the government upset over $0.95

$.95 cents! That is it, the world is ending over $.95 cents.   Our government spends $3,700 billion per year and they are looking to cut $25 billion of it, potentially up to $85 billion over the rest of the year at the top end. That is .007 percent or less than 1 percent.  So, […]

Catholic nuns group forced to cover abortion and contraception

Most people only hear of the Little Sisters of the Poor in jokes to illustrate the ineptitude of a football team.  It usually goes something like, “Hey, the Browns might have a chance if they play the Little Sisters of the Poor.”  Well sports fans, the Little Sisters of the Poor are real and the […]

10 things to know for Tuesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Tuesday: 1. WHAT CATHOLIC CARDINALS SAY IS THEIR TOP PRIORITY Before picking a new pope, they want to know more about the alleged Vatican corruption, nepotism and cronyism that was revealed last year. 2. GOP ERECTS A BUDGET FIREWALL […]

Allen West discusses Obama’s character, sequester w/ Sean Hannity

“… Character means doing what is right when no one is watching…” – Allen West Sign up for The Brenner Brief newsletter! Free subscription; unsubscribe any time. Connect with conservative, alternative media — we are “rendering the mainstream media useless” at TheBrennerBrief.com! Related articles Allen West ” Why are leaders so afraid to tackle reckless entitlement spending?” via […]

The story of Ryan Ferguson: wrongly convicted of murder, can’t get released from prison

In politics, we often discuss the term “judicial activism” or its antonym, “judicial restraint,” in civil cases where one party deems a judge’s decision as an attempt to force a social or political agenda versus following the letter of the law. We spend far less time on judicial activism, or the lack thereof, within the […]

Conservatives, which leaders represent our core?

Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter, IV, provided an unanticipated, critical boost for President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes last year, rolling out a partisan narrative while tilling the bumpy political landscape. Mother Jones slam dunked James Carter’s 47 percent catch of a video during the contentious season amid collective gasps on the part of Dems […]