Allen West discusses Obama’s character, sequester w/ Sean Hannity

“… Character means doing what is right when no one is watching…” – Allen West Sign up for The Brenner Brief newsletter! Free subscription; unsubscribe any time. Connect with conservative, alternative media — we are “rendering the mainstream media useless” at! Related articles Allen West ” Why are leaders so afraid to tackle reckless entitlement spending?” via […]

Sequestration: what really happened (and didn’t)

The sequestration fight has been rougher on President Obama than I had earlier predicted. It is now clear that Obama has overplayed his hand with the sequestration talks. I thought (and I’m sure Obama thought too) the media would do what it has done for over four years and spout off Obama’s talking points verbatim, […]

Obama: the little boy who wants more ice cream

This morning’s White House email begins with this: Weekly Address: Congress Must Compromise to Stop the Impact of the Sequester In his weekly address, President Obama tells the American people that a series of harmful budget cuts—called the sequester—have taken effect because Congress failed to act. Because Republicans in Congress refused to compromise to close […]

Hand to hand combat against the enemy from within

There is an enemy in the White House. What are you doing to make sure that is stopped? They will eat their young. They are brutally committed to “the end justifies the means”. There is a hierarchy that protects a pre-conceived aristocracy. Retreat is the ultimate sin, and there is no time to mourn collateral […]

Let the sequester begin

The sequester kicks in on March 1, 2013. In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, 22nd District of California, sums up that the Obama administration is using scare tactics that the sequester spending cuts will usher in Armageddon.   Government employees fear losing their jobs, but as Nunes says, […]

It’s a wrap! Recap of the Feb. 25 “The Brenner Brief” radio show

Sara Marie Brenner photo

Monday, Feb. 25 on The Brenner Brief Radio Show, Sara Marie Brenner discussed everything from the Oscars, to the Obama’s administration’s establishment of drone bases in northern Africa. The show’s first interview was a must hear for any business owner in today’s still failing economy. John Mariotti, a contributor to The Brenner Brief, is the author of […]

The use of the “bully pulpit”

While the term “bully pulpit” was first used by President Theodore Roosevelt as a way to describe a platform utilized to push forward an agenda, the phrase has taken on a far more sinister meaning under the Barack Obama administration. Certainly presidents have used their position as the leader of the free world to advocate […]