Remembering Breitbart: “Conservatives used to take it, and we’re not taking it anymore”

Here at The Brenner Brief, our slogan is “rendering the mainstream media useless.” During the scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart broke the story and was questioned — no, attacked — by the mainstream media who couldn’t fathom why he was posting this story to besmirch Weiner. Then, at what was supposed to be a […]

The disappointment of never meeting Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart was arguably one of the most influential characters in the conservative movement. As the founder of the some of the most widely read sites on the internet, such as Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, and his flagship website, this was a man who showed no restraint when it came to expressing his views. While the liberal […]

Main Street: “we’re tired”

On Main Street, the worries mount. People are going to work apprehensive. For most Americans who go off to work or who are looking for work, they worry about their future, the education their children receive and ultimately a nagging sense that they are falling behind. Increasingly, average Americans — those who work and pay […]

The liberal-led, Obama-tastic, PC Super Bowl coverage

As mentioned in the article Are You Down with the Cause, I am a fan of all things football! So it should come as no surprise each year I look forward to seven hours of pre-game coverage, the feel good stories, the commercials, the half-time show, and most importantly, the game. I admit, after the […]

VIDEO — Michelle Malkin: more media malpractice; unions want OUT of ObamaCare

Michelle Malkin explains the heckling video that NBC/MSNBC “selectively edited.” Twitchy, Malkin’s Twitter aggregation site, broke the story calling out the left-wing leaning media outlet for purposefully changing the meaning of the clip. And, she expounds on the interesting fact that unions actually want out of ObamaCare. They’re learning they can’t keep the care they’re to […]

10 things you should know for Monday

1. WHY THE TOLL WAS SO HIGH IN BRAZIL More than 230 were killed in Santa Maria when smoke engulfed a crowded club and panicked partiers headed for a single exit. 2. WHERE NEWS OF THE FIRE HIT HOME IN THE US Memories are still fresh in Warwick, R.I., the scene of pyrotechnics-sparked nightclub blaze […]

We explain: why isn’t the MSM reporting on the Iran bombing?

Earlier this morning, we reported on the apparent bombing of a nuclear facility in Iran. We reported on this before many of the major news outlets, including having it up over 12 hours before posted a link to another site. Our contributor, Jason Blair, and The Brenner Brief have been questioned via social media […]