It’s a wrap: Mar. 4 “The Brenner Brief” radio show

Sara Marie Brenner

This week’s edition of The Brenner Brief Radio Show with Sara Marie Brenner covered all the latest including sequestration, the Medicaid expansion, gun control, and school choice. Last week was the one year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. As with so many other conservatives, Andrew’s war cry was an inspiration to Sara Marie. To listen […]

Our 2012 Top Stories and Year In Review

This past year has been huge for The Brenner Brief. Let us take you through the progress made over the last few months. Through September, this was primarily Sara Marie Brenner‘s personal blog with 5-10 posts each month and just a few hundred monthly visitors. In October we only had 30 posts, but we hit […]

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Politely Tells The Feds …

In 2011, Ohioans passed the Healthcare Freedom Amendment by a nearly two to one margin. The amendment, in essence, states that Ohio does not want the healthcare mandate — the requirement to purchase insurance under ObamaCare. Today, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Center for Consumer […]