Unions and communists globally aligned

The two-day nationwide strike by trade unions in India took an ugly turn when Narinder Singh was crushed to death under the wheels of an Ambala city bus a week ago Wednesday.  Narinder was killed when he and his fellow protestors tried to stop the state-owned roadway bus in the early morning. The 48 hour […]

China, realism and the silent war — 关系

Finally, due solely from the efforts of the cyber security firm Mandiant, we have concrete evidence that the Chinese were behind the latest round of cyber espionage attacks that have made the latest news cycle. This should come as no surprise, even for the incompetent Obama administration, except for the fact that they got caught […]

The Black Bloc exposed: our chilling interview with Brandon Darby

The Brenner Brief’s Amanda Melson dives in to the intricacies and operations of “Black Bloc,” a dangerous organization operating in the U.S. and Egypt. In recent weeks, Egypt has been the scene of upheaval and turmoil. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s government is struggling to stay in power as Egyptians revolt against his rule and the Muslim […]

Obama on North Korea: hell-bent on destroying our deterrent

South Korea is nicknamed the “Land of the Morning Calm.” The titled was bestowed by some long forgotten Chinese emperor due to the beautiful mountain countryside filled with lush vegetation that is absolutely stunning in the morning stillness. However, near the DMZ, it is anything but. It’s a scary place. North and South Korea are […]

What does Russia really want?

Monday, the Russian government jailed another prominent opposition leader in Moscow. Tens of thousands of Moscovites protested recently in the streets of the capital city. Putin frequently resorts to virulent anti-American rhetoric. Americans have been banned from adopting Russian children. To many, Russia can be a confusing, hard to understand place. So what’s going on […]

Pope to resign Feb. 28

The text of the Pope’s resignation letter is as follows: Dear Brothers, I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life of the Church. After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the […]

Staggering unemployment numbers: 73% of people wanting a good job are without one

In the Chairman’s Blog  on Gallup’s site today, we learn that, globally, 73% of people who want a “good job” (defined below) are without one. Yet, we are constantly told that the unemployment rate globally is within single digits. Gallup does an excellent job explaining the difference, and also outlining what a “good job” means. The […]