The idiots in the government upset over $0.95

$.95 cents! That is it, the world is ending over $.95 cents.   Our government spends $3,700 billion per year and they are looking to cut $25 billion of it, potentially up to $85 billion over the rest of the year at the top end. That is .007 percent or less than 1 percent.  So, […]

Sequestration: what really happened (and didn’t)

The sequestration fight has been rougher on President Obama than I had earlier predicted. It is now clear that Obama has overplayed his hand with the sequestration talks. I thought (and I’m sure Obama thought too) the media would do what it has done for over four years and spout off Obama’s talking points verbatim, […]

Obama: the little boy who wants more ice cream

This morning’s White House email begins with this: Weekly Address: Congress Must Compromise to Stop the Impact of the Sequester In his weekly address, President Obama tells the American people that a series of harmful budget cuts—called the sequester—have taken effect because Congress failed to act. Because Republicans in Congress refused to compromise to close […]

Boehner: “we’ve got to cut spending”, if the Senate gets off its ass

The following is a press release from the office of Speaker John Boehner. To paraphrase what Boehner said, will the Senate get off its ass? Earlier today, CBS This Morning highlighted Speaker Boehner’s interview with CBS Evening News’  Scott Pelley yesterday.  In the interview, the Speaker called on the president and Senate Democrats to pass a credible plan to […]

A game of baseball: sequestration

Sequestration is inside baseball, and must be played as such. This weekend I was delighted to find the robins are back from their winter migration. For the Blair family this can only mean one important thing — baseball season is near! With pitchers and catchers reporting earlier this month, we’re just a few weeks away […]

GOP address: replacing the president’s sequester — Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL)

From In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Martha Roby  (R-AL) calls on President Obama to join House-led efforts to replace his harmful sequester  with better spending cuts, not more tax increases.  Rep. Roby illustrates the need to act by explaining how the president’s sequester would hurt military installations in her district and around the country.  Responsibly replacing the […]

Al Gore’s international global warming and financial schemes

Surprisingly, CNN, main stream media king of networks, says there’s something not right, “ok, just plain weird” about Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera, a middle-east based network with anti-American sentiments. Crony capitalism enabled Gore to launch Current TV in 2002 because of his former VP status. What CNN is choking on, along with […]