BIG BROTHER: Obama’s plan for drones in U.S.

Pamela Seley explains how drones could be used in U.S. airspace, especially after 2015. Obama’s plutocracy has fanned the flames of civil rights supporters. Both Democrats and Republicans are joining together to bring legislation limiting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, for law enforcement and other potential non-military use in U.S. airspace. […]

Bradlee Dean in trouble again — Florida showdown

Bradlee Dean gives his perspective on the happenings around his presentation at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida, for the student-led group, The American Club. Join us for the Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief Radio Show” to hear Dean live. If you want to change the future, you will have to trouble the […]

MO raw milk family dairy farm shut down; Constitution may have been violated

Raw milk products are an issue all across the country because milk and dairy boards cannot regulate it. However, some people prefer raw milk products for health reasons. In the video below, a raw milk dairy farm is closed down by the state of Missouri. This farm is a small business that has been completely […]

BOOM! D.C. Court of Appeals puts Obama in his place on recess appointments

It’s taken a little over a year, but Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recess appointments have finally been ruled on by the DC circuit court of appeals. The decision? Obama abused his power violating Article 2, Section 2, Clause 3 of the constitution. For those who don’t remember, in January 2012 NLRB member Craig […]

“One nation” without God: what Obama’s inaugural pledge means for the country

In this week’s inauguration ceremony, the words “one nation under God” were omitted when words from the Pledge of Allegiance were recited during the prayer. In fact, Theodore Roosevelt, a progressive, did not use those words when taking the oath of office during his inauguration. Although the original pledge did not have those words, the […]

Obama’s inaugural Bibles: the lonesome pair

“The Lonesome Pair” is a thematic piece based on President Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony. “The Lonesome Pair” refers to a pair of Bibles which will be employed during the ceremony. One of the Bibles belonged to President Abraham Lincoln, and the other Bible had been Dr. Martin Luther King‘s possession. The irony of the […]

No presidential term limits: King Barry

“King Barry.” The term sounds like it should be a poorly directed 90s movie starring one of the Belushi brothers. Sadly, it could soon be a reality in our country. For the last four years, Obama has had an almost “rock star” following from the left. He can do no wrong. Mistakes are a thing […]