Al Gore’s international global warming and financial schemes

Surprisingly, CNN, main stream media king of networks, says there’s something not right, “ok, just plain weird” about Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera, a middle-east based network with anti-American sentiments. Crony capitalism enabled Gore to launch Current TV in 2002 because of his former VP status. What CNN is choking on, along with […]

Our 2012 Top Stories and Year In Review

This past year has been huge for The Brenner Brief. Let us take you through the progress made over the last few months. Through September, this was primarily Sara Marie Brenner‘s personal blog with 5-10 posts each month and just a few hundred monthly visitors. In October we only had 30 posts, but we hit […]

League of Women Voters: People Are Dying!

Today, the “non-partisan” (which it is not) League of Women Voters used scare tactics in an email to make us think that people are keeling over in the streets. In an email, the League said: We Are Losing the Planet Supporter: I’m going to be blunt: People are dying because of climate change. Our families, our […]