It’s a wrap: Mar. 4 “The Brenner Brief” radio show

Sara Marie Brenner

This week’s edition of The Brenner Brief Radio Show with Sara Marie Brenner covered all the latest including sequestration, the Medicaid expansion, gun control, and school choice. Last week was the one year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. As with so many other conservatives, Andrew’s war cry was an inspiration to Sara Marie. To listen […]

It’s a wrap! Recap of the Feb. 25 “The Brenner Brief” radio show

Sara Marie Brenner photo

Monday, Feb. 25 on The Brenner Brief Radio Show, Sara Marie Brenner discussed everything from the Oscars, to the Obama’s administration’s establishment of drone bases in northern Africa. The show’s first interview was a must hear for any business owner in today’s still failing economy. John Mariotti, a contributor to The Brenner Brief, is the author of […]

China, realism and the silent war — 关系

Finally, due solely from the efforts of the cyber security firm Mandiant, we have concrete evidence that the Chinese were behind the latest round of cyber espionage attacks that have made the latest news cycle. This should come as no surprise, even for the incompetent Obama administration, except for the fact that they got caught […]

It’s a wrap: Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief” — Bradlee Dean and Black Bloc

Sara Marie Brenner photo

Monday, The Brenner Brief Radio Show was jam-packed with the latest on Benghazi and a can’t miss interview with controversial rocker and preacher, Bradlee Dean. Amanda K. Melson, contributor to The Brenner Brief, interviewed Brandon Darby who penetrated the “Black Bloc” after being recruited by the FBI. The exposé details the organization, their tactics, and countries they […]

Morally bankrupt nation: NJ court effectively ok’s drug use during pregnancy

I am an across the board limited government, states’ rights, and individual sovereignty kind of guy. Normally, I do not inject my opinion into abortion or other so-called women’s issues. The simple reason is that my own party disagrees. I favor limited government on all issues. Despite taking a pro-life position personally, I resist using […]

Agenda 21 discussed on The Brenner Brief Radio Show

Monday night on The Brenner Brief Radio Show, it was all about an issue that concerns every American citizen – Agenda 21. The policy’s goal is for government to have control over the areas concerning agriculture, biodiversity, ecosystem management, energy & housing, population, public health, resources & recycling, transportation, and sustainable economic development. The Brenner […]

Hispanics are already Republicans, but the GOP can’t seem to tell them

In 1984, Lionel Sosa told President Reagan that it would be a heavy lift for him to increase his share of the Latino vote. Reagan rebuffed, “Hispanics are already Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.” Reagan won 40 percent of the Latino vote. President George W. Bush similarly said, “Hispanics are natural Republicans.” In […]