Catholic nuns group forced to cover abortion and contraception

Most people only hear of the Little Sisters of the Poor in jokes to illustrate the ineptitude of a football team.  It usually goes something like, “Hey, the Browns might have a chance if they play the Little Sisters of the Poor.”  Well sports fans, the Little Sisters of the Poor are real and the […]

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Paul Krugman – “death panels and sales taxes is how we do this”

A comic once commented on a late night talk show that the overwhelming grief caused by the passing of his parents was not all that surprising. What was surprising was the realization that he was now in the proverbial green room waiting to go on next. For those of you 55 years of age or […]

Ask, “does it work?”

The completion of the inauguration last week  has  allowed the media to finally  drop  the act and acknowledged that the President is — surprise — a progressive.  For those old enough to remember the movie Casablanca, think of the MSM as Captain Renault: Captain Renault: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on […]

The Notre Dame style Republican party

Rout. Blowout. Over before it began. Rolled. These were some of the more generous descriptions of the 42-14 Alabama win over Notre Dame for the BCS Championship of college football. It hurt Notre Dame fans like me to watch the sons of “Our Lady” getting pushed around the field.  To witness the vaunted ND defense […]

Military tactics for Speaker Boehner: be swift, execute, take casualties

Sign up for The Brenner Brief newsletter! Free subscription; unsubscribe any time. Connect with conservative, alternative media — we are “rendering the mainstream media useless” at! The fiscal cliff battle is over.  Conservatives  deem it a defeat, if not a total rout. Based on details of the deal reported on The Brenner Brief it […]

Rendering the Mainstream Media Useless

As 2012 is coming to a merciful close, it is the time of year to reflect on what has been and what it is yet to come.  It was a year marred by the taking innocent life, natural disasters, a stalled economy, and continued high unemployment.  And to top it off, we had the political […]