Conservatives, which leaders represent our core?

Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter, IV, provided an unanticipated, critical boost for President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes last year, rolling out a partisan narrative while tilling the bumpy political landscape.

Mother Jones slam dunked James Carter’s 47 percent catch of a video during the contentious season amid collective gasps on the part of Dems and much head banging among Republicans. How could such a successful, impeccable Republican candidate stumble and effectively shoot himself in the foot?

Katherine Trunk is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @KatherineTrunk

Katherine Trunk is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @KatherineTrunk

According to former President  Jimmy Carter, who appeared on Piers Morgan recently, President Obama expressed his appreciation to the younger Carter recently while at an appearance in Atlanta. President Carter’s grandson had effectively provided support to the Obama campaign last year, conveying the May 17, 2012 Romney footage to Mother Jones, which aired  the clip about a week after the Benghazi tragedy. James Carter IV effectively communicated by means of modern technology Mitt Romney’s very own words and actions. While some viewed the video as damning to Republican hopes, one may argue that the choice of such a candidate to head the Republican ticket was the underlying problem.

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has stressed that the Republican Party needs to seek “100 percent” of the American vote. It is proposed that if the Republican and conservative message wins hearts, it will be by way of outreach to all of the United States.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

During the 2012 Presidential election season, former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) gained much momentum and support among south and midwest primary voters. Santorum’s message connected with conservatives, but it was Mitt Romney who had received much backing from influential Republican talking heads appearing nightly on conservative venues and telecasts. Although Santorum valiantly fought and won victories in southern and midwestern primaries, Romney received support from a conservative media heading into the northeast primaries.

Ironically, certain Republican influencers helped effect an end result which still rocks the Republican party to its core. While CPAC is about to convene, we should resolve to determine which leaders represent our core, constitutional values.

How effectively does a prospective conservative candidate connect with an articulate, genuine message?

How can we demand that the media, mainstream and cable news equally provide air time to politicians such as Santorum or Gingrich and others, as they would a “moderate” politician? The Presidential Debate Commission needs to be debated as well. 

Why was it that debate moderators pitched key questions during the debates to the exclusion of the conservative candidates frequently? This was another example of how the media boxed out the conservative message.

The future Republican candidate must offer a clear alternative to the proposed liberal candidate in 2016, and in the 2014 elections, as well. To what degree are constitutional values promoted?

Can the candidate roll up his sleeves and readily tackle the problems at hand?

How  steadfast has the candidate remained on conservative principles in the past? It is ironic that former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson may have played an instrumental role in helping President Obama win a second term. It is now time to look ahead and present proven values to a new generation in search of enduring answers.

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  1. brettluc says:

    No conservative will ever convince the mainstream media to be fair or objective in their coverage – it won’t happen and there is no strategy to make it happen. I suggest that conservatives shut out the mainstream media – only go on those media that are willing to be unbiased and represent each side in a truthful manner. Regarding debates, refuse to debate with the typical liberal moderator. Offer conservative moderators to handle the debate and refuse to debate if the proper people aren’t chosen. Of course this is just fantasy, no politician has the courage to take such action.

  2. Thank you for sharing your opinion.Regarding debate moderators, a problem exists to the extent in which they interject a personal opinion.During the Presidential debates there were points in which the moderators overstepped their role. On The Record’s, Greta , would have been a great choice as moderator. Perhaps business as usual re: the Presidential Debate Commission should be reconsidered, a different method of determining Debate moderators could be offered. With regard to conservatives appearing on MSM, I agree that that MSM is often highly critical of the traditional viewpoint. Key is to try getting the conservative message to others not already aware of our message , and this would be through conventional media too, – w/out compromising our message. If conservative guests not given fair treatment (on traditional cable news, as well), then the answer would be to contact those networks, etc. If enough people expressed displeasure, businesses do react. Best, Katherine

  3. We need someone with the Andrew Breitbart/Ben Shapiro attitude. These were/are men who are not afraid to go on the offense – to hurt feelings if it means winning the arguement. Liberals have taken advantage of our good nature for far too long; we can no longer allow that to happen. They need to be on the defensive because frankly, their worldview is indefensible.

    • Thank you Jason for your response. I agree that the conservative presidential candidates would do well to take a pro- active approach in presenting the cause of our values by speaking the truth plainly.

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