Mar. 4 Radio Show – Medicaid expansion, new app tracking #GunFreeZones, and educating your little patriot w/ Rep. Andrew Brenner, John Peden and Amelia Hamilton

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Sara Marie Brenner

Sara Marie Brenner is the Creator and Editor of The Brenner Brief, and host of the radio show. Twitter: @saramarietweets

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On Mar. 4 from 9-1030p ET, our guests will be:

  • 9:20p ET — Ohio State Rep. Andrew O. Brenner: Sara Marie Brenner’s husband, Andrew, will join us to discuss Medicaid expansion in the states, the governors who have accepted it and why, what is being done in Ohio and his unique idea to resolve the issue | Twitter / Facebook
  • 9:50p ET — John Peden of John will discuss the new app he has created where you can mark whether a business/establishment is gun-friendly, and then choose whether to patronize that store based on its status | Twitter (personal) / Twitter (app) / Facebook
  • 10:15p ET — Amelia Hamilton, Author: Amelia is the author of two books for children that teaching patriotism, freedom and liberty, and she will tell us about her second book, 10 Steps to Freedom, and her support of school choice | Twitter / Facebook / Web Site

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The following stories are mentioned in the show:

Ohio State Rep. Andrew O. Brenner
Andrew Brenner

Andrew Brenner

Andrew Brenner is a conservative Republican State Representative from Ohio’s 67th House District, serving two-thirds of Delaware County (just north of Columbus, the capital). Having first fun for office in 2004 as Delaware County Recorder, Brenner has a winning record as an elected official having a primary in 2004, a 6-way primary in 2010, a 2-way primary in 2012, and a general election opponent in 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2012. He and his wife, Sara Marie Brenner, met in 2006 through their involvement in local politics.

Brenner is currently serving in his second term in the Ohio House, and is the vice-chair of the Ohio House Education Committee. A champion of school choice and education reform, he is passionate about issues that reduce costs and improve efficiency. From voluntarily cutting his own budget as Delaware County Record to speaking at the first Columbus, Ohio Tea Party event in April of 2009, Brenner advocates and practices conservative principles.

Rep. Brenner’s official Ohio House web site is

John Peden, Gun Free Zone App
John Peden

John Peden

John Peden is the founder of He developed the app in response to the newspaper in New York publishing the names and home addresses of registered firearm owners on a map on their website. He feels that gun free zones are a terribly bad idea and would like to use his app to get rid of them.

He grew up in Riverton, Wyoming and enjoys baseball, canoeing, camping, soap making, and hiking. He spent two years as a missionary for the Mormon Church in Brazil and speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He got married way above his pay grade to Amy Peden, they have 4 daughters, and live in Mapleton, UT.

Amelia Hamilton, Author
Amelia Hamilton

Amelia Hamilton

Originally from Michigan, Amelia now travels the United States writing and blogging. A lifelong writer and patriot, she also loves dogs, hockey, old cars, old books, and old movies. 

Amelia has a master’s degree in both English and 18th century history from University of St Andrews in Scotland and a postgraduate diploma in fine and decorative arts from Christie’s London.

For 10 Steps to Freedom: A Growing Patriot’s Guide to the American Revolution, Amelia was fortunate to have a great team on board, including illustrator Anthony Resto and designer Jennifer Lake. This is Amelia’s second book. Her books and materials may be purchased at

>>>Listen to the show here!<<<

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