Obama: the little boy who wants more ice cream

This morning’s White House email begins with this:

Weekly Address: Congress Must Compromise to Stop the Impact of the Sequester

In his weekly address, President Obama tells the American people that a series of harmful budget cuts—called the sequester—have taken effect because Congress failed to act.

Because Republicans in Congress refused to compromise to close tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans, hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their jobs or see their paycheck reduced, and middle class families will be hurt. Congress must join the President now to replace these cuts with a balanced approach that reduces our deficit while also making smart investments in areas that help our economy grow.

President Obama’s Saturday morning address:

Aren’t you tired of hearing Obama say that he’s brought us out of the worst recession in our lives? I would submit to you that we are in the Obama recession, which could instead be worse, because it’s more prolonged, brings more questions and has seen the upheaval of our country’s foundation with no end in sight because this president cannot layout a long-term plan.

104322323_Boy_Crying_With_Ice_Cream_007_xlargeCongress (read, Republicans) has already compromised. Obama was given tax increases in the fiscal cliff debate, and Republicans said so at that time. This president is like a little boy who is told he can have one scoop of ice cream, but he comes back demanding a second, and blames his parents for not giving it to him even though they said the limit was one scoop.

The sequester, which reporter Bob Woodward has confirmed was Obama’s idea to begin with, provides $85 billion in much-needed cuts, just not perhaps exactly how we would choose to have the cuts applied. Obama admits in his video that the sequester, that he devised, is “stupid” and will cost jobs and do harm to the American people. It seems this plan demonstrates Obama’s true objectives of hurting America to make up for our international wrongs (see anti-colonialism).

According to David Dayen, the sequester will have quite an impact:

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that these cuts will cost 750,000 jobs in 2013, and reduce gross domestic product for 2013 by up to 0.5%.

And the White House claims that President Obama can do nothing about this, but that is definitely not true, as Dayen explains:

There are in fact measures that the president’s Office of Management and Budget could unilaterally take to at least mitigate the effects of the sequester in the near term. (More on this later.) But the agency is unlikely to take those measures. Why? Because making clear the impact of forced austerity may offer the best hope for discrediting and reversing it.

never let a crisis go to waste, rahm and barackObama continues to bloviate about this “balanced approach,” saying that Republicans choose special interests over people. Yet, Obama chooses his own special interests — giving them waivers for ObamaCare, increasing or decreasing funding based on his friends — rather than reforming health care in a way that really does help keep down the cost of healthcare.

Liberals always seem to use psychological theory of “projection” to tell us what they’re really doing. In this video, Obama says, “we don’t just bounce from one manufactured crisis to another, we make smart choices — we plan, we prioritize.” Oh no, Mr. President, what you do is plan what the next manufactured crisis will be, making smart choices that benefit you politically in your constant campaigning, while prioritizing what will be best for your ongoing attack on American values, freedoms and liberty.

We may be to the point where the only option is to allow the sequester to stay in place so that Republicans can stop caving to Obama. As long as we give in to his well-planned, smartly chosen, prioritized crises, he will continue them. Perhaps we need a little bit of inconvenience in order for average Americans to wake up and turn on this president’s over-spending, shenanigans  projection, and crises manufacturing.

We must tell Obama, as Republicans and conservatives united, you’ve had your scoop of ice cream — no more. Enough is enough.

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  1. Hear! hear! Excellent post. Enough is enough!

  2. richardbaris says:

    Reblogged this on Richard D. Baris.

  3. Republicans and conservatives have been compromising with liberal democrats for at least 75 years and look what it has got us. Time to stop compromising with economic and social ignorance or the capitalization on peoples poor education of economics. Time to cut non-discretionary spending in a major way.

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