Remembering Breitbart: “Conservatives used to take it, and we’re not taking it anymore”

Here at The Brenner Brief, our slogan is “rendering the mainstream media useless.”

During the scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart broke the story and was questioned — no, attacked — by the mainstream media who couldn’t fathom why he was posting this story to besmirch Weiner. Then, at what was supposed to be a press conference for the Congressman, Breitbart took the stage and stole the moment, declaring the truth and fighting back. This was one of his finest hours.

One of the best examples of this is one we recall today, on the one-year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart‘s death (Mar. 1). He fought the mainstream media, even when they questioned him. Breitbart taught us to be factually correct and then to bring your story to as many eyes and ears as possible, all the while being brazen, bold, outspoken, and commanding, with a heavy dose of stick-to-itiveness.

As he said in his 2012 CPAC speech, “conservatives used to take it, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Breitbart also taught those of us who are active on Twitter to retweet the stupidity, contempt, and “the false narrative of [the left’s] innate tolerance.” At CPAC 2012, he continued, “The least tolerant people you will ever meet in your entire lives. I know it. … And I retweet it to remind them that I know exactly who they are.”

breitbart #warAs he discusses how the Bernardine Dohrn types got their president elected over the past few decades, it reminds me of one of the major differences between liberals and conservatives that Breitbart alludes to here. The liberals will chip away at things over the years, being patient, knowing meanwhile what their end game is as they inch closer and closer. Conservatives, on the other hand, want all or nothing right now, instead of plotting, educating, influencing and bringing people along. This difference means we have to be ever more vigilant and more aware of the small, seemingly meaningless actions that the other side is instituting so that we can stop them before it is too late.

While I never had a chance to meet him, I often think, what would Andrew do? The legacy that he created and the example he set for those of us who are passionate about conservative media that fights back at the left is unmistakable.

As we remember Andrew Breitbart today, consider what he motivated us to do. As we all strive to continue to carry the torch, we work together to fight the “#war” because, as Andrew said, “we’re not taking it anymore.”

Breitbart awards dinner logoIf you know someone who isn’t taking it anymore and is continuing Breitbart’s legacy, you can nominate them for the Breitbart Awards at

R.I.P. Andrew. We will carry the torch.

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  1. Michael Ruffing says:

    #WAR !

  2. brettluc says:

    We need people like Breitbart who are willing and able to confront the propaganda and lies of the left. The mainstream media is beyond useless – they are intentionally misleading people in support of their liberal agenda. Constant Vigilance is the price of Liberty and conservatives need to pay the price.

  3. Yes, the liberals and government are incrementalists as he stated in different words. Kind of a nose under the tent concept. Many of their nonsense starts are inserted in monstrous budget bills both in state and US legislatures.


  1. […] In a column by Don’s Smith, a contributor to The Brenner Brief, The disappointment of never meeting Andrew Breitbart pays tribute to the conservative trailblazer by detailing the history of a man who was one of the most influential people in the conservative movement. Let us all remember Andrew’s declaration that “conservatives used to take it, and we are not taking it anymore.” […]

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