Rush: Obama’s release of 500 illegals “impeachable offense”

There were 500 illegal immigrants released by the Department of Homeland Security because of the looming sequester. The White House is claiming that the decision was made by career employees within ICE. Could a decision like this really be made without the White House’s blessing? One of the main roles of the federal government is to defend the nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Yet, Obama has allowed 500 of these enemies to be released in to society.

This sounds like something would happen in a banana republic.

Rush Limbaugh believes that this is an impeachable offense. Listen to Limbaugh from Wednesday’s show:

This is an impeachable offense, this is in direct violation of the oath of office — defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and the people. We’re opening the doors of prisons before the sequester has even happened, before there have even been any budget cuts — this is so childish. Except the consequences are real for people that live nearby these detention centers.

Now do you want to have a gun?

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  1. Truly egregious action during Obama’s watch. Should be followed up. Why bother to be a nation of laws, when the Commander in Chief claims no knowledge for such activities which occur on his watch. Recurring pattern . Look at Benghazi.

  2. Just curious, Where were these people released? Does this 500 include those from Pinal county? Where were they released? What were these people convicted of in this country? Who’s name is on the order that they were released by? Has this person been questioned? Does this person have a written order from a superior and what did it say?
    Plainly if you intend to impeach the President then these questions are valid.

  3. David Bruce James’s questions are good ones, but don’t hold your breath expecting an honest answer from the Obama administration. What is an even greater impeachable offense is the decision to target and kill individual U.S. citizens with drones when the Constitution specifically defines treason, defines how it is to be proven, and provides that Congress will determine the punishment for treason. The intentional and blatant decision to act in violation of this very specific provision in the Constitution is the most egregious example of a president who regards his oath of office as nothing but words spoken into the air. But perhaps the most disappointing thing about the unconstitutional behavior by our president is that it would be folly to think any Republican would act to defend our Constitution – the supreme law of the land, the law they are also sworn to uphold.

  4. I heard that it was done by a scapegoat who announced afterwards that he was retiring. NOT being fired, but retiring. So there you go. Another impeachable offense that should have been placed on BHO’s shoulders, instead they manipulate and make back door alley deals to ensure he remains in office. You know, treating everyone the same is not racist. Why isn’t Congress up in arms about this stuff and prosecuting. It’s ridiculous. This is how the Third Reich got it’s start. REALLY scary stuff, folks.

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