Boehner: “we’ve got to cut spending”, if the Senate gets off its ass

The following is a press release from the office of Speaker John Boehner. To paraphrase what Boehner said, will the Senate get off its ass?

Earlier today, CBS This Morning highlighted Speaker Boehner’s interview with CBS Evening News’  Scott Pelley yesterday.  In the interview, the Speaker called on the president and Senate Democrats to pass a credible plan to replace the president’s sequester – as the House twice voted to do – and get serious about addressing the nation’s fiscal crisis.  Here are some additional excerpts from that interview highlighted on CBS This Morning:

Boehner on Addressing the Nation’s Fiscal Crisis: “The President Got Re-Elected, This Is a Time to Lead”:

It’s time for them to do their work. … Now listen, I had a very nice conversation with the president last week.  I had a very nice conversation with Harry Reid – Senator Reid, the Majority Leader – the week before.   We all understand that this is difficult.  Scott, if it were easy to solve the big spending problem here in Washington somebody over the last 20 years would have figured it out.  This is not easy to do, but the House has done its work.  And the president got re-elected, this is a time to lead.  My reference to the president a couple weeks ago was about the guts to take on his own party.  To do what we all know in this town needs to be done.   We’ve got to cut spending, we’ve got to change the structural spending problem that we have, and it’s time to do it.  I am not going to be part of kicking the can down the road and imprisoning the future for my kids and yours.

Boehner on Averting the President’s Sequester:  “The House Has Done Its Job.  It’s Time for the Senate & the President To Do Theirs”:  

The House has acted twice.  Why should the House have to act a third time before the Senate does anything. … We’ve passed bills twice.  They all understand where we’re coming from, it’s time for them to do something.  …

We elect the president to lead.  Instead of running all over the country doing campaign-style events using our men and women in the military today as campaign props all he has to do is come up and sit down with Harry Reid and Senate Democrats and work out a plan that they can pass.  Simple as that.  …

He went to Newport News today and did a campaign-style event using our men and women in the military as props.  Pure and simple.  He’s traveled over 5,000 miles in the last two weeks doing campaign-style events trying to drum up support for his actions on the sequester.  All he would have to do is drive a mile and a half, he could sit down with Harry Reid and Senate Democrats and get to work.  Remember, the House has done its job.  It’s time for the Senate and the president to do theirs.

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