Hand to hand combat against the enemy from within

There is an enemy in the White House. What are you doing to make sure that is stopped?
Kevin Clark is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter @kcstock

Kevin Clark is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter @kcstock

They will eat their young. They are brutally committed to “the end justifies the means”. There is a hierarchy that protects a pre-conceived aristocracy. Retreat is the ultimate sin, and there is no time to mourn collateral damage. There must be “fairness”, which is code for “give me what I want”. They use tactics, a fair-minded person would say is immoral, but they don’t care what you think-they care about winning.

I’m not describing the dark shadows of Downton Abbey. This movement is not a benevolent aristocracy. For the president’s team, power must be pure, must be complete, and must be concerned with self-preservation, rather than concern for the people they lead. Ultimately, this is a picture of extreme, and will become accepted behavior without equal force to stop it.

If you value freedom and the principles that are laid out in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, then you must accept the reality of an enemy from within that will strip this nation of the founding principles you believe are sacred.

I have negotiated with unions. I have been the target of activist justice. I have seen communities divided over “fair compensation” even when children were used as pawns and exploited for economic gain. We have all witnessed Detroit being shut down, over fairness for workers, for equal pay and for the injustice management had extracted from the poor exploited worker. The problem is that a virus always finds your weakness, and then will break down your resistance to run its course.

Make no mistake, the modern progressive movement is a virus; a toxic influence that seeks to steadily breakdown and destroy the healthy cells of freedom. This is serious for the conservative movement and the foundations of freedom that we have fought wars to defend.

The president knows how the union works, understands how the activist must disrupt and has proven his allegiance to “the end justifies the means” theology. He is a true believer; the elevated prodigy of the modern progressive movement.

The sequester is the most pressing example. The USA Today said:

Obama, who has been conducting a campaign-like series of events, is seeking a budget package that includes higher taxes on the wealthy as well as spending cuts. The higher taxes would come from eliminating loopholes and deductions, the president said.

The president made this statement:

… [M]y hope is that we can see a different course taken by Congress.

The president frames the sequestration debate as “I’m reasonable, but Republicans are obstructionist and extreme”.

The communication strategy is pretty straight forward; the president claims the moral high ground, is willing to make any claim, usually unfounded by facts and will attack the people with extreme veracity to over-run their sense of reason. How many teacher strike, UAW strikes or union movements look like this? How many times have you heard a teacher activist say “it’s for the kids”? The main premise, more money means a better education, and your kids deserve that. Of course, this narrative is fiction, but a progressive virus doesn’t care how it infects you, it just needs a taxpayer host.

There is little doubt; the Sequestration is a fabricated narrative of doom. The president, in his classic impersonation of Henny Penny, is telling the American people the sky is falling. But, it’s a classic union tactic to win new ground; higher taxes and bigger government.

Until we recognize that pointing out hypocrisy — pointing out false statements — is not a strategy to win, the Republican Party will lose the House in 2014, and Hillary Clinton will be our next president. This is not a time to verbalize your shame for America, this is not a time to nit-pick your ideology, but this is a time to find as many like-minded Americans and push back.

Freedom is the moral high ground.  Protecting those principles has become hand to hand combat in this battle against big government and the class warfare the president excels at. If you remain silent, staying uninvolved, while being fiercely independent and ideologically pure, then 2014 will bring the consequence the president has been promising.

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  1. Well written article by Kevin Clark! It has been my observation too, that the President governs with an all or nothing approach. The “sky is falling” tactic by the President is transparent- though I can’t say same about the rest of his policies. It is interesting too, that some journalists who have the tenacity to ask the President legit questions, become actively ignored, etc., ie: Fox News often, or worse yet w/the latest development w/ Bob Woodward.

  2. The liberal political theology is a disaster for this country and individual liberty, but your statement regarding the left is, in some ways admirable. You say; “They will eat their young. They are brutally committed to ‘the end justifies the means’. There is a hierarchy that protects a pre-conceived aristocracy. Retreat is the ultimate sin, and there is no time to mourn collateral damage.” Oh that conservatives were so committed to valid principles where the means justifies the ends, and the ends are justified as well, that there is a commitment to principle and that retreat is not an option and that the idea of liberty is worth any sacrifice that needs to be paid. Instead I see compromise, retreat, confusion and division. Oh that conservatives had the backbone of liberals.

  3. A brief synopsis…..Stop talking, do something.

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