The evolution of … dance

Not only did Michelle Obama announce that Argo won the Oscar for picture of the year, but she also appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s show Friday night to show everyone the evolution of the mom dance.

But then, there’s this parody — the evolution of liberal dance:

So, what’s the point, and what lesson can we learn from these videos?

Conservatives have to loosen up a little, and be willing to have fun in the realm of pop culture and look relatively cool while you’re doing it. If you’re a stodgy ol’ white man without any ability to relate to the voting population, you aren’t going to earn endearment points, and ultimately, you’ll probably lose.

Why is this? Because people want a president, or an elected official, with whom they can have a beer (or a dance). If you are someone with whom they couldn’t even strike up a conversation for fear of it ending in silent boredom, get up to speed.

It’s the different between being stodgy and being someone with whom a voter would actually want to spend an afternoon.


  1. carloshelms says:

    I think not. Just because the whole world idolizes “youth” and “cool,” immaturity still doesn’t get the job done.

    I’ve realized that the more the world likes something and believes it to be so, the less I want to do it. Bad is now “good,” wrong is now “right.” So I think I’ll hold off on the dance.

  2. Actually, yes. It is nice to see real humans that can related to the vast majority of the citizens and that we can relate to them. Somehow I just can’t seem to hang with a crowd on their 75 ft yacht or their 9 bedroom, 2 gym, 7 kitchen, 11 bath florida getaway, its just so tacky. Besides they only want 19.5 for it. Million that is.

  3. Please! Can you imagine Ronald Reagan engaging in any of this nonsense. Is it funny – yes. Is it OK to laugh about it – yes. Do we have to be like this – I hope not. We do not have to be defensive about who we are, nor do we have to conform to liberal ideals of what is or is not cool. I’m not in junior high school anymore.

    • Reagan didn’t engage in “nonsense,” but he did engage. He had a down-to-earth, folksy, relatable way of behaving. He did exactly what Michelle Obama is doing, just in a different way. That’s the part that conservatives are missing — you missed it, too. Hope this explanation helps to tie those together so that it’s more clear. It is certainly important.

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