Feb. 25: The Brenner Brief radio show – Dr. James D. Boys, John Mariotti and Justine Bartko Thomas

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The guests for the Feb. 25 show were:

  • John Mariotti: former President of Huffy Bicycles and Rubbermaid Office Products, and a contributor to The Brenner Brief — we discussed his new book, The Roadmap to Profitable Growth
  • Dr. James D. Boys: foreign affairs expert and professor — we discussed Obama’s new drone base in Africa, and the international reaction to drones and other policies from the administration
  • Justine Bartko Thomas: radio personality and contributor to The Brenner Brief — we discussed her latest columns, including her upcoming column on the behind-the-scenes story of the Pope’s resignation

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Other stories mentioned:

John Mariotti
John Mariotti is an experienced author and former senior executive, and is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @johnentgrp


John Mariotti, a former senior corporate executive, was president of Huffy Bicycles and group president of Rubbermaid Office Products Group. He has been a director on multiple corporate and not-for-profit boards; and is formerly Chairman of World Kitchen Inc.‘s board, where he still serves as a director. John has written ten business books (which have been translated into multiple foreign languages), including two award-winning books, and a novel. He contributed several essays/sections for encyclopedic works on Business, Finance and Health Care Management. John has written for Forbes.com, Fortune Small Business (fsb.com), Industry Week, the American Management Association (amanet.org), American Express (OpenForum.com), Personal Excellence/Sales & Marketing Excellence/Leadership Excellence, Management Center Europe (mce-ama.com), Tiempo de Mercadeo (Colombia), and his articles have also appeared in many other US and international magazines and blogs. He also hosted a 1-hour talk radio show on the North American Broadcasting Network, founded The Reunion Conference—entering its 17th year, and has done many keynote speeches both in the US and in Europe.

Dr. James D. Boys

James Boys on Sky NewsDr. James D. Boys is a currently an Associate Professor of International Political Studies at Richmond University (London), a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College  London, a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute and a Transatlantic Research Fellow at the Bow Group. In addition, he is a Contributing Editor at The Commentator where he has a weekly column examining political developments in the United States.

James is a regular contributor to both television and radio on issues relating to issues of American politics and international affairs. He is a familiar face to viewers of BBC NewsSky News and Al Jazeera English, where he regularly brings his brand of analysis to a world-wide audience of over 140 million in over 100 countries.

James has held political office in the UK, worked on Capitol Hill and Wall Street and brings these experiences to his interpretation of political events. This has helped make him a regular guest on LBC 97.3 in London, for ITalk FM on the Iberian Peninsula, on Monocle24 and on The Voice of Russia, ensuring that his take on global events reaches a massive domestic and international audience on a regular basis.

Follow this link to view Dr. Boys’ Media Showreel highlighting his work with the BBC, Sky News and Aljazeera English.

For more details about his education and career, view Dr. James D. Boys CV 2012.

Justine Bartko Thomas

Justine Bartko Thomas is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.

Justine Bartko Thomas has been in the radio industry for over 25 years. It started as a hobby that grew into a lifelong career. Having been in the communications field for over half of her life. Thomas enjoys entertaining people as well as informing them. She has been in every facet of the radio indusry from writing copy , sales, and an “on air personality.” She is the voice behind many national and international commecials, but enjoys it best when her voice can be heard through her writing.

>>>Listen to the show here!<<<
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