Oregon bill places frightening restrictions on guns and their owners

Urgent call to action from Oregon… Expansive gun ban bill introduced — includes warrantless search and seizure and limit of one gun per person.

The Oregon Firearms Federation has been blindsided by Oregon House Representatives who have introduced a gun ban bill that is so expansive, it is said to epitomize hatred of gun owners. The federation has issued an urgent call to action by gun owners stating, “Never have we seen legislation that was a product of so much ignorance and blind hatred.”

oregon-state-house black and whiteTwo days before the introduction of HB3200, House Representatives had promised not to pursue such extreme measures. This is not the first time Oregon legislators have tried to sneak legislation through. Last session, despite promises to the contrary and claims that any attempts to do so had failed at the hearings,  a bill banning the licensed possession of firearms in schools was introduced — without even allowing public testimony. Fortunately relentless efforts of the federation’s members managed to stop the bill from progressing further.

Bill HB3200 bans virtually all modern guns and magazines along with “pistol grips” and “barrel shrouds”. In fact, the bill is so extreme it even goes so far as banning pistols with a “folding, telescoping or thumbhole stock”. Unbelievably, it allows warrantless searches of homes and only allows the ownership of one firearm.

The bill also requires background checks and registration of the one elusive firearm that has not been surrendered or confiscated. Unsurprisingly, however the bill exempts government employees.

The sponsoring House Representatives are Bailey, Buckley, Dembrow, Frederick, Read, Reardon and Tomei. The sponsoring Senators are Burdick, Dingfelder, Hass, Monnes-Anderson, Monroe, Shields and Steiner-Hayward.

It is apparent that the Democrats pushing this bill are willing to resort to remarkable levels of treachery with Senator Burdick dishonestly stating “that she is backing off an attempt to push through a bill on gun clips that she drafted following the December shootings at the Clackamas Mall,” just days before the surprise introduction of HB2300.

It is imperative that this bill is stopped, not only for the sake of the Oregonian gun owners, but also to ensure that this oppressive bill does not become a precedent for the rest of the country.

Even if you are not a resident of Oregon, please pass this on and get involved. For more information, please visit http://www.oregonfirearms.org/activist-toolbox and help our fellow patriots thwart these tyrannical acts.

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