The use of the “bully pulpit”

bullypulpit1While the term “bully pulpit” was first used by President Theodore Roosevelt as a way to describe a platform utilized to push forward an agenda, the phrase has taken on a far more sinister meaning under the Barack Obama administration. Certainly presidents have used their position as the leader of the free world to advocate policies even before there was an official idiom for the process, but as recent guest Ben Shapiro stated on my program a few weeks ago, “Barack Obama has taken bullying to a whole new level.”

Who could forget the whole issue surrounding the release of the birth certificate? Even if you take the core issue of whether or not he was born in America out of the equation, the issue was utilized as a way to demonize those who felt that the release of this document was a reasonable request. That belief immediately bore you the label “birther.”

I’m sure many of you can think of several examples of how the current administration, along with the mainstream media have used bullying tactics as a means to an end, but perhaps the best way to emphasize how it has gone beyond the pale is the current debate over the sequestration debate.

In this week’s video I showed the president’s speech from 2011, where in his own words he told the American people that he would “veto any attempt by Republicans to try to undue any of the automatic spending cuts.”

Yet just this week he shifted the blame for these spending cuts to the GOP. This can only be described as using the “bully pulpit” in an attempt to change history. Barack Obama is the man responsible for sequestration, and therefore responsible for the consequences to the workers that will be affected by the automatic cuts.

Don Smith is a contributor to The Brenner Brief and host of "The Don Smith Show." Twitter: @donsmithshow

Don Smith is a contributor to The Brenner Brief and host of “The Don Smith Show.” Twitter: @donsmithshow

Although I think it’s perfectly acceptable for a president to take full advantage of his position, I also believe that it can be taken too far. Expressing opposing views is not only our right as American citizens, but it’s our patriotic duty!

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