VIDEO: Ann Coulter calls libertarians “pussies” and gets booed

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  1. It is long past time to remove the plague of Lawyers that have invaded Washington to suck the blood of PATRIOTS [tax money stolen] – Let us restore our pride and force our State duly elected Legislatures to protect WE THE PEOPLE FROM A TYRANNICAL OPPRESSIVE CENTRAL COLLECTIVE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    Will you take the hours of study and weeks, months and maybe years to Restore our States Rights and Powers? Will you join with others across the many States, will you fight the good fight?

    The Founders – Framers – Ratifiers all knew that the Central Federal government must be small and limited [weak] and the States should be strong and unlimited . . the following is how we the people can take our Freedoms and Liberties back . . will you do it? It is long past time to act.

  2. richardbaris says:

    I don’t always agree with Ann which is obvious to anyone who has read my columns, but she was right. For a bunch of people who profess individuality, they were mobbish at best. But that is what young people are no matter their claimed ideology.

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