Focus is critical, prioritization is difficult

John Mariotti is the author of the new book, “Roadmap to Profitable Growth.” He will be a guest on The Brenner Brief Radio Show on Feb. 25. Mariotti is the former president of Huffy Bicycles and Rubbermaid Office Products Group. This is the second post of a five-part series.

In the business world, as in life, the hardest thing to do is cut through the clutter to the truly important parts, and then make those difficult decisions about what comes first, second, third, or not at all. 

Roadmap front cover imagePrioritization is the most critical, yet the most difficult decision people face in their work and their lives.  The “urgent” gets in the way of the “important.”  Problems obscure opportunities.  It’s incredibly difficult to hit a target that you never bothered to choose.  And yet, day in and day out that is what most people try to do.

The principles in this book can be applied successfully at any level.  If you are part of a larger organization, these approaches may be somewhat harder to apply unless the organization’s leadership understands and embraces them (unless, of course, you happen to lead that organization).

However, these principles work equally well on a smaller scale.  Often, in applying these thought processes you will discover that you reach better conclusions, and make wiser decisions—and your bosses might notice this too, even if they don’t realize why.

Decide what matters most and prioritize your efforts and resources to that. Success will often follow such a decision.

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