It’s a wrap: Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief” — Bradlee Dean and Black Bloc

Monday, The Brenner Brief Radio Show was jam-packed with the latest on Benghazi and a can’t miss interview with controversial rocker and preacher, Bradlee Dean.

Amanda K. Melson is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @mandita74

Amanda K. Melson is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @mandita74

Amanda K. Melson, contributor to The Brenner Brief, interviewed Brandon Darby who penetrated the “Black Bloc” after being recruited by the FBI. The exposé details the organization, their tactics, and countries they are currently operating within — including the United States.

Bradlee Dean discussed the events detailed in his latest article on The Brenner Brief. Last Friday, Bradlee was kicked out of a Boca Raton, Florida school where he was scheduled to deliver his Biblical message to the students.

Bradlee Dean is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @BradleeDean1

Bradlee Dean is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @BradleeDean1

As the founder and director of the non-profit ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, it is a message that he has delivered to school students in 22 states nationwide. The event had been promoted for three weeks prior to Bradlee arriving at the school yet, he was denied speakership to the students. The school claimed that he did not have first amendment rights upon entering the school.

Dean set the record straight regarding Rachel Maddow’s Aug. 9, 2010 show in which she was caught editing a tape that portrayed him to be making comments that could be construed as anti-gay threats. Maddow was drug before a court for, what Bradlee called, her “malicious” tactics. MSNBC effectively put a “bullseye” on his back, as he receives constant threats to his person, family, and ministry. He has been forced to involve the FBI due to the severity of these threats as well as the publicizing of his home address.

Brenner and Dean discussed his column from last month that provided alarming data from Canada’s LGBT movement. The article highlights that, contrary to the progressive narrative, the movement has endangered and exposed children to individuals and groups that have targeted them for abuse under the banner of tolerance. Dean’s interview is a can’t miss to parents all over our country. You can connect with Dean to learn more about what has happened in the public school system by visiting Twitter users can follow him at @BradleeDean1.

Stacy Rush headshot

Stacy Rush is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.
Twitter: @discoveringme40

Brenner also covered the latest on the Benghazi cover-up, and efforts to uncover the truth regarding the events that transpired on Sep. 11, 2012. This included the latest column by Stacy Rush, The Real Story Why Obama Was MIA During Benghazi, which details the tactics that the administration used after the Benghazi attack to mislead the American people.

Twitter users who want to help keep the Benghazi story alive can follow @Kathy_amido who will be hosting nightly a “tweet-up” regarding the cover-up. Don’t forgot to let Kathy know that you were sent by @saramarietweets. If you missed last monday’s show, you can listen to the archive here.

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  2. I really like the weekly radio show summary!
    Bradlee dean must have been on to something, otherwise the left would t attempt to destroy
    God bless!

    • richardbaris says:

      I agree and it has to do with our kids especially. They think they should have a monopoly on who influences younger generations. Someone like Bradlee who runs around preaching virtue and morality, is a threat to their statist positions.


  1. […] It’s a wrap: Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief” – Bradlee Dean and Black Bloc ( […]

  2. […] It’s a wrap: Feb. 18 “The Brenner Brief” – Bradlee Dean and Black Bloc ( […]

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