Obama on North Korea: hell-bent on destroying our deterrent

South Korea is nicknamed the “Land of the Morning Calm.” The titled was bestowed by some long forgotten Chinese emperor due to the beautiful mountain countryside filled with lush vegetation that is absolutely stunning in the morning stillness. However, near the DMZ, it is anything but. It’s a scary place. North and South Korea are technically still at war, they never signed a peace treaty. And boy, does it look like it.

A million troops on each side stare each other down across the no-man’s land. Thousands of artillery tubes, tanks, and aircraft. Occasionally they shoot at each other. Endless hours are spent in deep hardened bunkers, practicing the war they all know may come. Even the Americans get into the games — we still have over thirty-thousand troops in the South.

north korea nuke responseRecently, the calm was broken in a huge way as the North startled the world with its third nuclear test. This time the weapon was a smaller warhead with a larger punch as the North Korean military works to develop missile warhead technology.

If allowed to continue, North Korea would one day have the technology and the weaponry to lob a nuke at the United States west coast. Doesn’t this scare anybody? Or are we supposed to just put our head in the sand and deny there is a problem, as we have with Iran. Oh and by the way, North Korea is supplying Iran with technology to help in their nuclear development. But we won’t talk about that either. Anyone remember the phrase “Axis of Evil”?

It sure would be good to have an operational missile defense capability in the United States. Ronald Reagan is probably turning over in his grave. I guess Star Wars wasn’t such a silly concept after all. But don’t tell the left that. There’s not a problem, remember?

L. Todd Wood is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @LToddWood

L. Todd Wood is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @LToddWood

However, thank goodness we can all relax. The United Nations Security Council recently promised tough action against this North Korean aggression and  unprovoked, destabilizing act. They have informed us the North is years away from missile warhead technology. Haven’t we also heard that about Iran? I don’t think the Israelis believe that and we shouldn’t believe this about the North. In fact they don’t need missile technology. All they need is to be able to smuggle a bomb into any U.S. port in a container on a ship. I don’t even want to think about it.

I wrote a column several weeks back about the risks of preparing to fight the last war. I think that applies here. We are neglecting our nuclear and conventional force capability. Obama is hell-bent on destroying our deterrent.

But don’t worry, we can always send a drone.

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  1. It’s very possible N Korea could send a missile to the west coast. Obama denies there’s a problem because he doesn’t recognize it as one. Or does he?

  2. Hello from Korea. I can’t say I agree that Korean countryside is beautiful in the morning, but it’s nice to hear a conservative post about Korea. There aren’t too many of us around these parts.

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