Morally bankrupt nation: NJ court effectively ok’s drug use during pregnancy

I am an across the board limited government, states’ rights, and individual sovereignty kind of guy. Normally, I do not inject my opinion into abortion or other so-called women’s issues. The simple reason is that my own party disagrees. I favor limited government on all issues. Despite taking a pro-life position personally, I resist using the power of the state when it is convenient to me. That being said, I have serious questions regarding the collective character of this nation.

morally bankrupt signOn Tuesday, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously that positive drug test results, two days prior to giving birth, was not sufficient evidence of a mother putting the baby in imminent danger or even neglect. Although this woman was snorting cocaine right up until her water broke, the court’s decision found that drug testing alone cannot establish neglect, or even predict future parenting behavior. Are you kidding me?

A lower court, in a rare moment of judicial sanity for my old state, had disagreed by ruling that the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency did in fact have jurisdiction to protect the baby. The NAPW, or National Advocate for Pregnant Women, on appeal argued that the lower court had relied on “popular misconceptions” regarding prenatal drug use. Basically, the baby was born healthy and cocaine use during pregnancy does not harm unborn babies. Seriously? Forget about the fact that the baby tested positive for cocaine immediately after birth. Unless amphetamines have some medicinal purpose for infants, which the doctors failed to tell me about when my wife had our two kids, this is judicial insanity.

This country has become hostile toward life. Since 1973, the year of Roe v. Wade, there has been over 54,500,000 abortions in this country. That is an average of over 1 million terminated pregnancies per year. Liberals like to paint a picture of a sixteen year old girl, with militantly religious parents, who is unable to tell anyone she is pregnant. That seems to be the “real misconception” regarding this issue.

The Department of Health and Human Services found that 74 percent of all women who have abortions claimed that having a baby would have interfered with work, school, or other responsibilities. A whopping 73 percent say they could not afford a child. Unbelievably, 48 percent said they did not want a relationship with the man who got them pregnant. As most conservatives know, abortions stemming from cases of rape or incest account for less than 2 percent.

This country was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In modern America, only the pursuit of selfishness matters. Almost half of these babies were terminated because abortion was used as a means of contraception. Liberals will say, “then let’s hand out birth control pills.” I say, let’s take a good look in the mirror and see if we like what we see first. Then, we can talk about further condoning despicable behavior by spending more money we do not have.

Cicero and other great thinkers argued that laws are the reflection of a society’s values. True law is “right reason in agreement with nature.” I am certainly not what my father used to call a “holy roller.” I don’t see or believe miracles happen all of the time but, I don’t need to. I do believe that the Creator made me, and hopefully other humans, with the gift of reason which allows me to observe the world around me enough to conclude that he exists.

Secularism has severed us from understanding what even is natural. This is the source of many of our current problems. We are morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt. The minute we started to believe that virtue and morality were man-made creations, was the moment that all references to them were nothing more than stains of ink on pieces of paper. Freud said that virtue and morality were the creations of man used to separate themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom. I say we have separated ourselves from morality to justify our animal behavior.

We have become a selfish nation of excuses. There is no excuse for why 55 million babies had to be terminated so we could get in touch with our inner wuss. Cicero maybe right but, laws cannot force morality. Until we re-instill the belief that there is a natural law that our Creator expects us to follow, we will reap what we sow. Should we expect anything less? We just re-elected a president who supports infanticide.

Richard Baris is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @RichBaris

Richard Baris is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @RichBaris

Lord knows, literally, that I am no saint. But at least I never make excuses for my own bad behavior. If we are going to be hostile to each other and unborn babies, then why do we have to pretend that there is some righteous means to an end? If a women gets an abortion because she didn’t want ties to her “baby daddy,” as 48 percent of them apparently did, then stop pretending she did the best thing for everyone involved.

Are we really going to start justifying drug use during pregnancy too? Do we need to make up more progressive science to debunk the fact that prenatal drug use harms the baby? Because it makes women feel better doesn’t mean it really is a “popular misconception.” Only a nation of cowards would display such hostility to the utterly defenseless. Cowardice is bad enough. We don’t need more excuses, too.

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    Morally bankrupt nation: NJ court effectively ok’s drug use during pregnancy

  2. I was unaware of how many abortions have been done, I am guessing it is even more, not all were recorded I bet, this abortion fits in with the eugenics people who believe we need to sacrifice the children to the god of enviromentalism or convenience or send young ones into battle to sacrifice to the god of war (mars). while hte caananites were condemn for burning their kids to the god of baal, literally they burned them to death so this time period is no different, christendom has proven to be caananites themselves. heaven forbid people should exercise some self control in sexual matters or use proper contraception.

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    We are toast folks. Simply toast.

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    Thanks for all the reblogs and comments guys. Glad it was food for thought.

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