Agenda 21 discussed on The Brenner Brief Radio Show

Monday night on The Brenner Brief Radio Show, it was all about an issue that concerns every American citizenAgenda 21. The policy’s goal is for government to have control over the areas concerning agriculture, biodiversity, ecosystem management, energy & housing, population, public health, resources & recycling, transportation, and sustainable economic development. The Brenner Brief contributor Jeffrey Kibler joined Harriet Park, author of Glenn Beck’s book “Agenda 21,” on the show that educated, entertained, and inspired.

Jeffrey Kibler

Jeffrey Kibler

Jeffrey Kibler has been sounding the alarm on Agenda 21 for some time now in his weekly columns on The Brenner Brief. He described the policies, which first gained traction during the 1992 Earth Summit, as a global effort dating back to the 1970s. Brenner and Kibler discussed his latest column, “Agenda 21: Global Marxism in Disguise,” and how the policies which are currently being pushed on every level of government are a “direct contradiction to our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.”

As a California resident, he has had a front row seat to the pilot program implemented in the San Francisco Bay area. Through legislation such as Sustainable Communities Strategy Act of 2008 and California Wild Lands Act, these pilot programs represent Agenda 21’s efforts to shift the population toward “euro-style compressed city centers.” Kibler discussed how similar projects are underway in Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Harriet Parke

Harriet Parke

Harriet Parke shared the story of how the book “Agenda 21” went from sitting in the “slush pile” at Mercury Inc., to sitting on the bookshelves of Barnes & Nobles. She began the work after reading an article on Agenda 21 that claimed, “if Agenda 21 is fully implemented, it will necessarily change every aspect of the way humans live.” After conducting research on Agenda 21, she began to ask herself —  “what if?” Colleagues encouraged Parke to expand her short story into a book. There it sat at Mercury Inc. when Glenn Beck’s daughter discovered a draft and knew her father needed to see it.

Parke calls the book a “cautionary tale” that is a product of “her imagination” of what life might be like under government control outlined in Agenda 21. The book describes a world that American citizens would never recognize. It is a world where individuals are forced to walk on energy boards to harness power for use in the compound to which they are confined.

The churches were quickly dismantled, worshipping God is forbidden, and the only praise given is to the Earth. Parke said it was her “interpretation” of the extreme environmentalist policies of Agenda 21. The Christian philosophy that God had given man dominion over the Earth has been “flipped on its head.”

Parke and Brenner discussed what has been done, and what we all can do in the future, to combat the policies pursued by Agenda 21. Parke highlighted that states, such as Alabama and Tennessee, have already passed resolutions against Agenda 21 to protect private property and due process. Parke mentioned that perhaps the most effective way to push back against the government power grab is to find local meeting groups in your area because “together we have power.”

If you missed Monday night’s riveting show, you can listen to the archive on BlogTalkRadio, or visit the Radio Show page for iTunes and Stitcher app details. Tune in Monday, Feb. 18 at 9p ET for the next show.

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  3. I read some of the pages of that book it sounded absolutly dreadful, this is exactly the kind of life satan would have us all live if, if he didn’t have to deal with that dreadful thing called reality and the fact someone stronger then him is actually incontrol and will not allow full implementation of this nightmare. the fact any human regardless of status or race or whatever would envision such a horrible place for his fellow man makes me wonder about their mental state, they obviously are totally out of their minds totatlly. blinded by their own self rightousness.

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