Feb. 11 on The Brenner Brief radio show: Harriet Parke, author of Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21”

>>>Listen live tonight from 9-1030p ET here!<<<

agenda_21_1Tonight from 9-1030pm ET, join us for The Brenner Brief Radio Show — Sara Marie Brenner’s weekly radio talk show! Don’t miss tonight’s show with a special focus on Agenda 21. Our guests will include Harriet Parke, author of Glenn Beck‘s book Agenda 21. Even if you have not yet had the opportunity to read the book, Harriet will be a delightful guest and we look forward to having her on the show. Harriet actually wrote the book.

Listen live between 9-1030pm ET using this link, and you may also use this link as the archive for later. If you miss the show, you can also listen to the iTunes podcast after the show or the Stitcher app stream live or via archive.

We will also be discussing the following stories on the show, all related to the concept of Agenda 21:

Jeffrey Kibler will be joining us around 9:30p ET, and Harriet Parke will come on the show around 9:45p ET.

Harriet Parke | Author, Agenda 21
Harriet Parke

Harriet Parke

Harriet Parke is a registered nurse who specialized in emergency nursing and emergency department management. She has been published in My Dad Is My Hero anthology, five Voices from the Attic anthologies (published by Carlow University, Pittsburgh, Pa.), the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and Pittsburgh Magazine. She has received an honorable mention from an Atlantic Monthly student short fiction writing contest. She is a member of The Madwomen, a Carlow University writing group, and a member of Pennwriters. A wild peacock roosts on her deck anytime he chooses.

Harriet is the author (ghostwriter) of Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21. She has a lovely personal blog at http://harrietparke.blogspot.com/.

Jeffrey Kibler

Jeffrey Kibler

Jeffrey Kibler | Contributor, The Brenner Brief

Jeffrey Kibler is a contributor at TheBrennerBrief.com where he focuses primarily on reporting on Agenda 21 and Benghazi.

Jeffrey is a CA resident, a US Air Force veteran, conservative, constitutionalist and tea party member. He works as consultant with experience in systems engineering, program management, business development, and capture/proposal management. Follow him on Twitter @sentinel058 or friend him on Facebook at facebook.com/jeffrey.kibler.

>>>Listen live tonight from 9-1030p ET here!<<<

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  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I love the book Agenda 21. It scared the hell out of me. The afterword by Glenn Beck will show you that Agenda 21 is real and happening now.


  1. […] Feb. 11 on The Brenner Brief radio show: Harriet Parke, author of Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 2… (thebrennerbrief.com) […]

  2. […] Feb. 11 on The Brenner Brief radio show: Harriet Parke, author of Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 2… (thebrennerbrief.com) […]

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