MO raw milk family dairy farm shut down; Constitution may have been violated

Raw milk products are an issue all across the country because milk and dairy boards cannot regulate it. However, some people prefer raw milk products for health reasons.

raw-milk-cheeseIn the video below, a raw milk dairy farm is closed down by the state of Missouri. This farm is a small business that has been completely ruined by a court order to destroy the farm’s cheese. In the video, you will hear the dairy owners explain that the milk board would not allow the cheese to be tested. However, regardless of whether you agree with the ruling or support raw milk, there are other issues that the maker of the video is saying transpired during the execution of the court order.

At 3:30: The gentleman taping is asked for his identification, and he refuses. The deputy says he’s required to provide it to law enforcement when asked. Fourteen states grant police authority to ask questions, with varying wording, but do not explicitly impose an obligation to respond. MO is one of these states. Part of the MO law is as follows:

Police force–officers of state–powers to arrest (Kansas City).

84.710. 1. The members of the police force appointed in pursuance hereof are hereby declared to be officers of the state of Missouri and of the city for which such commissioners are appointed.

2. They shall have power within the city or on public property of the city beyond the corporate limits thereof to arrest, on view, any person they see violating or whom they have reason to suspect of having violated any law of the state or ordinance of the city. They shall have power to arrest and hold, without warrant, for a period of time not exceeding twenty-four hours, persons found within the city or on public property of the city beyond the corporate limits thereof charged with having committed felonies in other states, and who are reported to be fugitives from justice. They shall also have the power to stop any person abroad whenever there is reasonable ground to suspect that he is committing, has committed or is about to commit a crime and demand of him his name, address, business abroad and whither he is going. When stopping or detaining a suspect, they may search him for a dangerous weapon whenever they have reasonable ground to believe they are in danger from the possession of such dangerous weapon by the suspect. No unreasonable force shall be used in detaining or arresting any person, but such force as may be necessary may be used when there is no other apparent means of making an arrest or preventing an escape and only after the peace officer has made every reasonable effort to advise the person that he is the peace officer engaged in making arrest. 3. Any person who has been arrested without a warrant may be released, without being taken before a judge, by the officer in charge of the police station whenever the officer is satisfied that there is no ground for making complaint against him, or when the person was arrested for a misdemeanor and will sign a satisfactory agreement to appear in court at the time designated. explains, in general, when someone has to show identification (which is basically never). In fact, citizens of the United States are not required to carry identification on them at all times, so a law-abiding citizen could realistically be unable to show identification without breaking any law. And of course, MO has to follow U.S. laws.

At 5:20: Discussion regarding why law enforcement is taking pictures of the license plates on private property. The deputy does not confirm that the information will be destroyed if it is not needed afterwards.

At 7:35: The deputies, who say they’re on the property only because they’re following a court order, are asked whether they would enforce a court order to take away weapons from MO residents if the court issues an order that it should be done. Of course, we would want them to say “no,” that they would uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. However, as you will hear, no one directly says that, and some even refuse to answer altogether.

The claim made is that the deputies are not upholding their oath to the Constitution. Watch the video and make your own decision about whether the law enforcement agents are upholding their oath. Whether raw milk should be permitted is a separate, yet connected, issue.

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  1. What happened to this country?

    I’m really legitimately terrified of the way the FDA and USDA are eliminating the sources of food we’ve had for hundreds of years.


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  3. They always know what’s “best” for us…… These are amazing times indeed.


  1. […] MO raw milk family dairy farm shut down; Constitution may have been violated […]

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