Majority view government as threat to personal rights

In a recent poll performed by the Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans are now viewing the government as a threat to personal rights.

A few mornings ago on my way to work, I received a phone call from a friend we will call Mary. Mary found out that after 33 years of employment at her plant she was informed it was closing due to the fact that the type of light bulbs she makes is no longer a commodity. Obama has changed the way of the future, and in order for the plant to make the type of light bulbs now to be used, it would cost the plant far too much money to put the machines in the shop to supply the light bulbs.

Mary is on high blood pressure medication, and now the insurance company wants full details from the doctor regarding why she is on the medication, and what amount of dosage is needed. She also has sleep apnea, and has to have documentation and now prior approval for any testing. Mary is worried about what type of insurance coverage she will have after the plant closes, and the cost — it is mandatory because of ObamaCare.

She also proceeded to tell me that her niece, who works in an office, wears office attire to work, yet she was told by the company to wear sweats to work this past Friday. The employees did what was required, and found out that when they walked into work, a company was set in place to take blood pressure, and give “mini physicals.” They were weighed, which now put some in a different category for the insurance, like her niece, who now was considered to be slightly obese. The other employees were also  checked for smoking, substances, and any red flag they could find on the employees. The health care insurance went up $300 or more on some of the employees.

I do not think this type of action should be allowed. People are now being punished for carrying the health care that is required.

So let me ask you — do you believe Obama is working for the middle class? Have you taken a good look at your paycheck lately? Do you notice the amount missing? On an average it’s anywhere from $40-$60 per pay. Where is that money going?

Putting Obama in office for a second term has not made anything better. It has made problems escalate. Obama knew what he was doing when he stalled for the physical cliff debates. These are only the things uncovered we know of now. This president has spent more taxpayers’ dollars in office than any other preceding president, and things are only going to get worse. It is a trickle down effect.

The charts below demonstrate the information from the Pew research.

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  1. ummm…may I call BS? The “light bulb” you speak of was “outlawed” by none other then George Bush, not Obama.

    And I won’t even bother to ask if you’ve actualy read pew’s poll, much less the analysis of what it means…

  2. richardbaris says:

    Soon enough people will start to realize what effect government will have in their very personal lives. The policy stinks but, the polls are encouraging.

  3. This is just a primer of what’s to come. Just wait and see. The government isn’t going to outright ban anything, they’ll just use healthcare policies to bully you into submission.

    They’re not going to say you can’t drink alcohol, just know that if you need a liver transplant later, you may be put in a low priority category. Enjoy all of the fast food you want, but don’t cry to the government when they’ve decided to de-fund colesterol medication. Oh you didn’t sign up for the annual physical program? Well then that prevents you from getting your hip replaced.

  4. Great insight, Justine!


  1. […] Justine Bartko Thomas, discussed her previous column concerning public perception of government. In Majority View Government as Threat to Personal Rights, she identifies one potential reason so many Americans feel this way about our […]

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