The double standards of political corectness

double standard definitionpost by ABC News caught my attention a few days ago. To ABC News’ credit, they did not call Senator John McCain racist. They did, however, ask if a harmless joke he made on Twitter referring to Iran’s Ahmadinejad as a monkey is racist.

To make matters worse, it was a Republican who first expressed dismay over the senator’s remark on Twitter. Rep. Justin Amash replied via Twitter: “Maybe you should wisen up and not make racist jokes.” Perhaps Rep. Amash should not wield such heavy accusations over what amounts to at worst a poor choice of words.

This is a mere example of why I despise political correctness. In efforts to prevent people from being offended, people are stripped of rights. Freedom of speech is a precious thing, and should be practiced by all. Due to the supposed “good intentions” of political correctness, freedom of speech is not equal for all people. It depends on your race. Some groups are permitted to say things other groups can’t, because someone made up a rule to prevent hurt feelings.

In the UK they take it a step further. If you say offensive things to a person belonging to a protected minority group, you can actually be arrested and fined for “racial abuse.” How is that not oppression? Luckily, in the States, we haven’t gone that far yet.

double standards court picI can’t help but wonder why ABC news didn’t feel compelled to ask if Jamie Foxx’s remarks on his appearance on Saturday Night Live were racist. Mr. Foxx thought it was really great that he had the opportunity to “kill all the white people in the movie.” Now, I’m no Jesse Jackson, but I think it is possible that people could interpret that as a racist remark. Expressing delight in killing all the white people in the movie is pretty darn racist. We all know that under the nonsense rules of political correctness, it’s acceptable for a black person to offend whomever they please.

Why are we still having these pointless discussions about jokes that are meaningless? The assumption that American society as a whole is racist is as foolish as it is false. Political correctness has outlived what use it had years ago. When will we realize that despite its intentions, it creates more problems than it solves?

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  1. I agree, political correctness often extrapolates different interpretation than what is intended.

  2. political correctness is simply Marxism 101 to shut down free speech.

  3. Here! Here! Well said Chuck.

  4. chuckrussell3 says:

    Thank yall for reading and posting!


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