Most violent cities and countries have leftist leaders

As a health insurance expert, I often had to do statistical studies into death and dying for actuarial purposes. One of the things you get very good at is seeing through the rhetoric and looking at raw data as it relates to death and dying.  You get a better picture of what is really going on.

Superficially, I was looking into people who died by guns worldwide, and what their causes were. Oddly enough, I found that urban pacification in the United States and the results of gun deaths in cities has been very successful since the 1980s, but in doing so I also learned what is increasing in regards to gun violence.

worlds most dangerous citiesThe murder rate nationwide by gun in 1991 was about 9.8, a statistical all-time high. Today it’s about 4.7, even if the number of deaths is higher — naturally since populations have bloomed.

Shocking as it was, even in Chicago, gun violence and crime in general is at an all-time low. Murder rates in most US cities have nearly halved since 1990, and although there has been a slight uptick in mass shootings, overall crime and murder rates in the US are astonishingly low compared to our worldwide counterparts, even more so when you discount urban crime. Violent crime in the suburbs is almost nonexistent. Crime has dropped significantly from their 1990 highs and a huge drop happened after 2001, probably due to copious amounts of money pouring into state coffers from Homeland Security that have made most police departments into small paramilitary armies.

This is despite the widespread availability of guns, and the loosening of gun laws including the repeal of the assault weapons ban.

The statistics all indicate we are living in a pacified police state and don’t even know it. The reason it seems higher is because populations are much higher — 5 murders in a town of 1,000 is a lot, but 500 murders in a city of 100,000 seems much higher if you hear about them every night in the news.

It’s not that people are being shot more; it’s that you are hearing about them more in the media.

Furthermore, while Chicago’s overall murder rate has had a slight uptick, it can’t compare to cities like Detroit and New Orleans, which has a rates four times that of Chicago.  Chicago’s murders are nothing to sneeze at, but few people mention Detroit or New Orleans when talking about shootings.

Most importantly, the amount of shootings here in the US is ridiculously low compared to cities around the world — cities that our President claims we need to be more like. In fact, other than Detroit New Orleans, St. Louis and Baltimore, no US city makes the top 50 list.

What cities are topping the murder list?

Thomas Purcell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @LotusTom

Thomas Purcell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter: @LotusTom

Take a guess. In the top 20, every city is in Central and South America, from which we allow massive illegal immigration to take place. In fact of the top 50 cities in the world for murder rates, 42 are in countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil-, and one is San Juan, Puerto Rico which has a high rate of immigration from cities in these nations. It’s no doubt with murder rates in these countries so high that gun control is not an issue, but rather, border control is far more important. If we don’t control our borders, the violence that plagues these nations will spread to our cities.

Something else of note — every city on the list that is not in the United States, with one exception (Mosul, Iraq), is from a leftist government with a socialist leader. The theory that socialism can solve the world’s problems is a false one. It instead creates an environment where crime and murder are commonplace, and the worst kinds of elements reign supreme in regimented society.  The four US cities that made the list? All leftist mayors, with strict rules of behavior, high taxes and to a lesser extent, gun control. San Juan’s Mayor Soto is also a leftist who stands opposed to statehood, is affiliated with the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

There can be only one inescapable conclusion to even a casual observer. We do not have a problem with gun violence in our society. Instead, we have a problem with the growing cancer in our society — socialism, and its onerous effects. The deleterious effects of social programs, gun control, behavioral control and open borders, result in chaos and violence in our cities, not a utopian existence.

The promises of the leftists are the problem, not guns.

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  3. Very interesting article. Some points there have seen or thought about before. Thanks!


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  4. chuckrussell3 says:

    Bravo! Brilliant piece. Lots of information.

  5. Thomas,
    Two questions. First what are the underlying reasons are that cause left leaning states in the United States and countries in South and Central America to have such high murder rates? Second, what steps would reduce the murder rates?
    Thanks for your or anyone else’s opinions.

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