Black History Month: how the Democrats still enslave blacks

black history monthIt’s Black History Month, so let’s start the month with the truth — the real history of Civil Rights in America.  One just has to put some time in to research and see the truth behind who was responsible for ending slavery and subsequently championing the rights of blacks throughout history.  Most people would be amazed as it is not who they think.

Let’s start with Lincoln, a Republican who freed to slaves.  The south was predominantly Democrat and the Democrats were in charge of the Confederate army.  It was the Democrats who fought to keep slavery in place.  In fact, if you look at every piece of Civil Rights legislation or major court decision in US, you will find that it was championed by Republicans and fought against by Democrats.  From the Dred Scott decision to Brown vs. Topeka, it was Democrats who fought to keep blacks down.

We could go on about everything in the late 1800s, but let’s jump to the early 1900s where it gets really interesting.  Did you know that the US Government was desegregated until the early 1900s? Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson took over and established segregation in Government citing that it was “because blacks carried diseases.”   FDR fought against desegregating schools. Wallace, standing in front of the school doors, Bull Connor, and many other examples — every one of them, all Democrats.  Even more important, the KKK was a Democrat organization and it was Democrats like Senators  Al Gore Senior and Robert Byrd (a Keagle in the KKK) that opposed civil rights.  It was Democrats that instituted Jim Crow Laws.

Throughout history, time after time, it has been Democrats who have kept blacks down at every turn.  In fact, it was Republicans who started the NAACP.  Also, Martin Luther King was a Republican.  But don’t take it from me, read it from an African-American herself.  Below is an article from Frances Rice as well as some more information on the true history of the Civil rights movement.

So, what happened?  Why all of a sudden after years of historical fact is it thought that Democrats are the party of blacks?  Because, Democrats figured out that they could use blacks to gain power in office and that is all they needed.  It was Democrat Lyndon Baynes Johnson who stated, as he signed welfare into law, “I’ll have those (n-word here) voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

And so it began, a new form of slavery.  All Democrats have done is do everything they can to make blacks believe that they cannot get anywhere, things are stacked against them, tell them they can’t get ahead and that they (Democrats) are there to help them…all the while doing everything they can to keep them ignorant and hide the truth so that Democrats could have a voting block and way to keep power.

CREDIT: Bob McCarty

CREDIT: Bob McCarty

Think about it.  You have the first black president in office and what has he done to help blacks?  Black unemployment is at all-time highs.  Black on black crime statistics show us that 93 percent of the 8,000-9,000 black murders that happen each year in the U.S. are perpetrated by other blacks.  One only has to look at Obama’s home town of Chicago to see how this is playing out.  And is this ever talked about or are solutions every offered by Obama and the Democrats?  No.

As individuals, we have so much potential.  But, if we are told and conditioned from the time we are toddlers that we can never make it or that the world is against us, and the only thing we can do is rely on a political party instead of ourselves to save us. Well, you have seen what happens.  It is hard to have freedom, because freedom takes work.  It is much harder to get a job and work your butt off to get yourself ahead than to get handouts from the government.  This goes for all races, not just blacks.  But blacks are particularly targeted and made victims by the Democrat party to keep them from reaching their true potential as individuals.

Sadly, as history shows, Democrats have done a very good job at this.  It’s time blacks learned their true history and learned to take back their freedom through their own individual exceptionalism because each and every one of us, no matter what race, can be exceptional.  Freedom, no matter how much work it takes, is always better than being a voting block for a political party.

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  1. Excellent! I hope more people read this awesome assessment!

  2. Very good assessment of the true history of black civil rights in America. Sadly, the Democratic Party has a long history of demonizing anyone they cannot use to political advantage, and Democrats demonized blacks for generations.

  3. Do you consider whites who receive public assistance slaves?

  4. Slavery, secession, segregation and socialism pretty much sum up the Democratic platform for the last 150 yrs. I have been researching African American political history from the civil war/reconstruction period to now. Fascinating history and it doesn’t take long to see how destructive the Democratic party has been for African Americans and Civil rights.


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