The liberal-led, Obama-tastic, PC Super Bowl coverage

As mentioned in the article Are You Down with the Cause, I am a fan of all things football! So it should come as no surprise each year I look forward to seven hours of pre-game coverage, the feel good stories, the commercials, the half-time show, and most importantly, the game.

I admit, after the Atlanta Falcons’ Super Bowl lights were turned off by the San Francisco 49ers, my excitement over this year’s game was subdued. Nonetheless, I tuned in ready for the show.

And what a show it was.

At the half, hope seemed all but lost for San Francisco fans. The Ravens, in full control of their destiny, were leading the 49ers 21 – 6. San Francisco needed a momentum shifting miracle, and it came in the form of a Superdome blackout. The blackout made a game out of Super Bowl XLVII and illustrated to the Ravens — nothing comes quite so easy in The Big Easy!

In the end, the Ravens hold the title of Super Bowl Champions earned in a game that did not disappoint.

As exciting as the game was in the end, the pre-game show was anything but. To say the coverage was a disappointment would be an understatement.

In spite of Obama’s re-election, I had great hope for America and her future, but after witnessing the left’s ability to set their PC agenda front and center during football’s biggest night, my hope diminishes.

Between each feel good story were commercials addressing a variety of issues from childhood obesity to football safety. The programming felt much closer to state-run TV versus pre-Super Bowl coverage.

Politics_ObamaFull_23_480x360Next on the state’s agenda:  an “interview” with President Obama. CBS’s Scott Pelley played the role of Tiger Beat reporter rather enamored of his subject. The president was able to address various positions with no follow-up questions allowed for quite the love fest.

The interview’s reader’s digest version is below for those with weaker stomachs or more common sense avoiding such propaganda:

  • Blame GOP for recent economic contraction;
  • Feign compassion to gain control of another industry – NFL;
  • Utilize class warfare throughout; and,
  • Shout out to female supporters and the LGBT community.

For further examination and pre-game puffery, read on.

During the CBS interview, Obama makes known his views on the following:

  • Football safety:  Citing his concern for a football player’s susceptibility to long-term brain damage, the President said it “means the game is probably going to evolve a little bit.” Adding, “we want to make sure that after people have played the game that they are going to be OK.”
  • Fourth quarter economic contraction:  In typical form, Obama accepts no responsibility for the current fiscal results, instead placing blame elsewhere — Washington. Admittedly, a refreshing change from the tired blame Bush rhetoric.
  • While referencing the recent economic decline, Obama explains, “It had to do with folks being worried about the possible impacts of the fiscal cliff and what goes on here in Washington.” He also added, “Washington cannot continually operate under a cloud of crisis. That freezes up consumers. It gets businesses worried. We can’t afford these self-inflicted wounds.” Good to know. Apparently not only is President Obama not a member of Washington but his policies such as tax increases and Obamacare had no part in inflicting said wounds.
  • Refusing to allow an opportunity to go to waste, Obama seized the moment, offering a shout out to his women and LGBT supporters. He did so by defending the decision allowing women to serve in combat positions and offering support as the Boy Scouts’ revisit their ban on homosexuals.

Ecstatic the lecture was finished I grabbed a handful of Super Bowl snacks, prepared for an actual football analysis.

Stacy Rush headshot

Stacy Rush is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.
Twitter: @discoveringme40

Up next, James Brown sits down with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. One would assume Brown will ask Mr. Goodell’s assessment of the 2013 Super Bowl matchup, and the question was posed, but not before the commissioner was asked to comment on:

  • Football safety; and.
  • Lack of head coach diversity in the NFL.

I tuned in to watch a football game, not to be lectured through interviews, back stories and commercials. Had I wanted to be lectured for hours on end, I would tune in to an Obama state of the Union address.

But I did not tune in to C-SPAN.  I tuned in to CBS hoping to catch football coverage, to learn more about the team and players — not to have a political agenda shoved down my throat.

Not to worry though, the mistake will not be repeated because doing so would make it a choice and I choose not to participate.

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