Working harder, working longer — the Obama economy

This past week, the Conference Board reported that nearly two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 45 and 60 plan to postpone plans to retire, having to work longer.

Kevin Clark is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter @kcstock

Kevin Clark is a contributor to The Brenner Brief. Twitter @kcstock

That is a sobering picture of an America in a deeply anxious mood. Yet, with the Dow Jones Averages breaking through 14,000 you wonder, does it change a thing?

You have to ask yourself, how do the president’s priorities for his second term address this alarming and distressing trend? How do an  assault rifle ban, climate change legislation and an immigration policy rife for amnesty, help to alleviate the anxiousness of pre-retirees who are faced with the reality that their working years will have to be extended?

This is just one more example of an administration that is disconnected from the citizens whom they should be serving. Sadly, this has become all too familiar for small business owners and millions of workers unemployed or underemployed in America.

Hillary Clinton, in her one rare moment of honesty, explains this administration’s philosophy of political disconnectedness when she said “what difference does it make?” during her Benghazi testimony on Capitol Hill. When ideology trumps the basic needs of the country, you have extreme anxiousness and uncertainty that begins to metastasize throughout the economy.

Every day, the evidence continues to mount as this administration powers their ideological crusade to reshape American values and culture, disregarding the hopes, dreams and aspirations of many Americans. When two-thirds of working Americans approach retirement with trepidation, you are far off track.

Despite the stock market reflecting success, the president’s economic policy trajectory will strike a direct hit to the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren, who will be called on to pay for his folly, and rebuild a nation with a vastly diminished climate of freedom.

I wonder, is my perception of disconnectedness just a figment of my imagination or am I simply stating the obvious? In order for a free society to prosper, I believe it is imperative that you honor hard work, family and faith. But, I ask you — what does “big government” honor? What does this administration, in the context of an ever-expanding federal government, believe about freedom?

The stock market’s advance is masking deep fissures of economic imbalances that can be seen by the survey of the Conference Board and the attitudes of pre-retirees. Don’t overlook that this is a battle of freedom in a war on the basic values most conservatives share. What difference does it make? With a debt clock spinning madly, it makes a huge difference.


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    Working harder, working longer — the Obama economy

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