VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly’s warning — America may collapse in 2013

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  1. Well Mr. O’reilly, I might not be real bright but at least I don’t pimp myself with a scrolling ad while trying to make a salient point with my mouth. Course if we are all going to hell in a handbasket we don’t have much use of money do we. And instead of buying new asphalt to fix pothole I am sure you don’t mind we chew up that stuff in front of your house to patch the potholes in front of my house, mmm.

  2. Now see this is why class warfare is so dangerous. Bill goes and spells out for everyone, in the simplest of terms, where we are going and yet, nothing. The country is the better for Bill’s success. Between his books and the Wounded Warrior Project, he gives away MILLIONS, I mean MILLIONS, of dollars a year to charity. This country is in desperate need of a “Fourth Great Awakening.”

  3. Agree, he does a lot of great work. Glad that he is successful, he is a symbol of why America is a wonderful place. He has many opinions, that is fine because this is still a Democracy.

  4. WE DO CARE, BILL!! BUT WHAT DO “WE” DO ABOUT IT NOW??” Many of us tried getting Obama out of office, it didn’t work…whether it be from fraudulent voting, or whatever. He’s still in office. Our “elected” officials in Congress and state representatives are out numbered. The people who voted for Obama “twice”…well, enough said there…


    • Unfortunately, many of “we the people” did not show up to vote for president. The very far right wing did not vote, and that’s part of the problem of this last election. We also have to learn — as people on the right (Tea Party, libertarians, conservatives, Republicans, Christians, etc.) — to accept new legislation and improvements in our system in baby steps, as the liberals have been doing for the last 100 years. There are many on the right who believe it’s all or nothing, and that’s why they didn’t support Romney — he wasn’t everything they wanted, so therefore he was just like Obama. He sure was better, no question! When it comes to implementing our policies, whatever they may be, we should be happy when we get 80% of what we want, instead of refusing to support a bill or the elected official who supports that bill because it wasn’t 100%. Compromise is not a dirty word — it can mean that we stay true to our principles, but edge away at getting what we need. The left uses different tactics, and they’ve worked. We need to examine that, learn from them, and do the same ourselves.

  5. Let me explain. Mr. Baris, I was able to comfortably read what you had to say. No distractions, no interruptions, just simply read and understand. And I too agree that Mr. O’Reilly should make all the money his little heart desires, that is what capitalism is all about.
    The reference to the potholes had to do with local issues, my apologies. Nor do I doubt that Mr. O’Reilly is a charitable person.

    Tell me Vic, where to we meet to discuss this “true revolution” and do we bring the semi automatics or full auto ones. I have access to both so it would be helpful to know.


  1. […] VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly’s warning – America may collapse in 2013 ( […]

  2. […] VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly’s warning – America may collapse in 2013 ( […]

  3. […] VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly’s warning – America may collapse in 2013 ( […]

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