Attack in Turkey: terrorists can smell our weakness, and it’s our president

War is an ugly thing. But not the ugliest of things. The decayed state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safely, is a miserable creature and has no chance of feeling free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.   ~ John Stuart Mills

benghazi_cloud_white_house_10-28-12-2If we think about it, really think about it, what will be George W. Bush’s legacy? For what will history remember him?

I believe it will be for the time post 9/11 — after he had been in office for only a few months, there were no more terrorist attacks against American targets.

Why is that? Because he projected an image of strength and conviction, and showed a willingness to use maximum force. He took the fight to our enemy.

I’m not saying he didn’t make mistakes. The Iraq War can be conscientiously debated. The “Mission Accomplished” sign was an amateur show of bravado. I think he spent way too much money.

But, he took the politically hard road — he kept us safe!

There is a case to be made that Clinton’s weakness abroad teed up the 9/11 tragedy.  Do you remember all of the terrorist attacks that happened under Clinton? The first bombing of the World Trade Center, Khobar Towers, Kenyan Embassy, Tanzanian Embassy, USS Cole, were all during his administration.  His response was a weak and ineffectual cruise missile attack against some factories that now most agree were not terrorist targets at all.  And, don’t get me started thinking about his refusal to allow AC-130 gunships to protect our Delta Force and Ranger operators in Somalia. We all know how that worked out.

Now, let’s get to the present. Have you thought about how many terrorist attacks have occurred against American targets domestically and overseas during slightly more than one term of the Obama Administration?

Just look domestically.  We have experienced Fort Hood, Little Rock, the underwear bomber in Detroit, and the Times Square attempted bombing. Yes, some of these were not effective but that was due to terrorist incompetence.

Ecevit Sanli is accused of being the suicide bomber behind Friday's attack. Photograph: AFP

Ecevit Sanli is accused of being the suicide bomber behind Friday’s attack. Photograph: AFP

Now, let’s talk overseas.  We have embassy bombings in Jakarta, Yemen, Kabul, Sudan, Cairo, Tunisia, and ambassador killed in Libya, and now Turkey.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Do we think we have this many attacks (which the MSM ignores) because Obama is so determined and strong against our enemies? Or possibly is it because they know they are unlikely to face retribution? Is it because he has publicly stated we are disengaging from the Middle East no matter what the situation is?

How could you contrast Bush and Obama and come to any other rational conclusion other than that peace through strength works?  Look at the numbers.

Didn’t we learn anything after facing down the Soviet Union?

As I mentioned after the Mali affair a few weeks ago, I am afraid for my country — for my children.

The Jihadists and all terrorists hate weakness. They can smell it. They don’t respect negotiation and appeasement.

Neither did Hitler.

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    Attack in Turkey: terrorists can smell our weakness, and it’s our president

  2. Good ole George W. Isn’t he the one that was in the Texas Air National Guard long enough for them to figure out it would be murder to ship him to the Nam in a combat roll. Or was he the one who insulted his Father because he wouldn’t go after Sadamn be cause Sadamn wanted to have him assassanated. Thats ok, he had a vice president that was deferred from the Nam 5 times to point out that Sadamn was the only leader over in that part of the world that wouldn’t cut off the oil spigot, wasn’t his daddy’s best friend, couldn’t hold up in combat more than a week and not to have anything to do with 9-11 to boot. I mean he was the ONE that didn’t want religious rule and that the US knew what weapons he had cause we shipped them too him for his war against Iran. Oh, you say, that George W. The one that is buddies with Cheney, you know the two that can’t get near the border for fear that Interpol will pick them up for war crimes. Da’s de one.

    So where were we, oh yeah. Post 9-11. The whole middle east was looking to cover up that pile of poop before the west figured out whose mutt had dropped it. Those that had been around since wwII and before knew better than getting involved with those nutcases. Until it dawned on them where to point the finger and of course, how. The stinky nuclear finger, the one that Israel will spread its goo all over too. You know like the sparrow in the birdcage in the mine shaft. It worked.

    So lets skip 20 years of death, dismemberment, PTSS, sucides, broken families, one sided war deaths, drones, and a few other crapola situations, like (before you shoot or blow me up) what side are you on or other such bull pucky.

    Lets get down to the nut cuttin’ like they say on the farm. Well most men are know for short fuzes in their underwear at that age, and heels at any ages. Nor does it take a trained security force to take out a lot of the bombers in this country, seems civilians do quite well.

    The Phillippines have been fighting the communist/jihadist/asshats for over 50 years. The Malis/French/whoever have kicked their overt butts and are into the forever pest war. And Turkey is back to the outlaw wars that they have fought for 200 plus years. Ask the Marines.

    What did we learn from the Soviet Union, a real big lesson, quit before you destroy your country.

    No one ever envisioned fighting a war in the name of this country without a draft, a committment by this country to engage in warfare against another nation without an agreement of all the people. That is at least implicit in out constitution. That is why reporters and family were kept from Dover AFB. If Obama keeps my Grandsons and daughters out of wars messy hands I will be forever grateful. If it is necessary and needful I will go with them if even as cannon fodder. But never to be spit out as machismo balls.

    Which finally leads me, Mr. Wood, I’ll spot you my DD214 to yours anytime.

    And if we ever spell it out realisticly I might sign up for Africa south of the 14th parallel. But for now, screw the marijuana laws, bring on the pot, douche the chemicals that aren’t native grown, and leave me meditate.

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