RAW VIDEO: Egyptian man stripped, beaten, dragged by riot police

According to the AP, this Feb. 1 video shows security forces and riot police, who had chased protesters through a side street in Egypt, pulling one man to the ground, stripping him and beating him, before dragging him into a police van.

Imagine what this government will do with the tanks and fighter jets we’re sending them.

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  1. one word: barbaric.

  2. It would seem that Morsi is doing quite well with the weapons he has, Why send him more?

  3. abaworlock says:

    Hi My name is Frank I’m 54 and up till just a few years ago other than voting I really took a back seat towards politics and my government, so I’m very green at all this political and government stuff. Thanks for the great site. I do enjoy the TheBrennerBrief.
    Please pardon my grammatical errors.
    I have a question that I hope you can answer if you have the time.

    I was reading an article On obama’s executive orders and checked on some at usa.gov and whitehouse.gov and found that some dates back to 1962. Apparently Obama is not the author to at lest some of them, but the unnerving part is they seem to be real executive orders. I’m not sure what the right words are but have they been enacted, rejected or what?

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