Facebook, take this: Tea Party Community site launches as an alternative

Conservatives now have an alternative to Facebook, and it’s gaining serious momentum.

Tea Party Community is being launched by Ken Crow, and his partners Tim Selaty Jr., and Tim Selaty Sr., who are responding to recent complaints of censorship being levied against Facebook by members who post conservative-leaning content.

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Just two weeks ago my friend, actress and comedian Victoria Jacksonwas banned by Facebook for making a post regarding her pro-life views. Certainly many of us recall the “Kill Mitt Romney” page that was allowed to remain intact, even after many users reported it. So how can conservatives feel comfortable expressing themselves on a social platform that appears to only allow free speech from those with whom they agree?

Perhaps they can’t. Crow and his partners seem to have created a new platform where conservatives and Tea Party members will be able to express their thoughts without the fear of being temporarily suspended, or even banned permanently in some cases.

If you missed this past week’s “The Brenner Brief Radio Show,” guest Todd Kincannon spoke about liberals using algorithms on Twitter to quickly find political content that they disagree with. Well, these algorithms are also used for the same purpose on Facebook. In a discussion with Fox News on Friday, Crow said “Most of us are subjected to censorship on Facebook. I’ve been suspended there as have many of my friends. You also absorb a lot of abuse from liberals.”

So how successful will Tea Party Community be? Only time will provide that answer. As of this article there are already in excess of 67,000 members. There is also one burning question when it comes to Facebook. If the social networking giant is such a valuable commodity, how have Crow and his partners created such a strong alternative in such a short period of time?

Be sure and check out The Don Smith Show Saturday at 12p ET for more on Tea Party Community. We’ll also have special guests Steven Crowder, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips and much more. 

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  1. Tyson, We’ll have to see how Facebook responds to this. I’ve been on Tea Party Community for about a month now, so it’s really not that new. I would think if Facebook was planning action, they would have taken it by now. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Just out of curiosity — you can check my page and see that I’m a conservative — but will this new site welcome debate? One of the things that drives me crazy about liberal sites like Huffington Post (and apparently Facebook) is the refusal to allow more than one viewpoint. I deplore it in conservative sites as well.


  1. […] Facebook, take this: Tea Party Community site launches as an alternative […]

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