Protests planned today in Egypt

The chaos in the epicenter of the Arab revolution appears to be approaching critical mass. Egypt is collapsing, and the disorder is increasing exponentially by the day.

Morsi has imposed martial law in three of Egypt’s largest cities, a move which only echoes suspicions of protesters that reignited the unrest. What is unclear is whether simultaneous uprisings across the nation are coordinated, possibly by the very Muslim Brotherhood that may seek to use the tumult as justification for a brutal crackdown.

egypt-riotOpponents of the current regime claim the Muslim Brotherhood is paying gangs to terrorize and rape the civilian population. The Nadeem Centre for Human Rights representative Magda Adly tells the U.K. Daily Mail, “I believe thugs are being paid money to do this…The Muslim Brotherhood have the same political approaches as Mubarak.”

Clashes between government forces and protesters claimed 42 lives recently. An Egyptian Army General interviewed is not convinced there is a conspiracy to blame for the unrest, however, insisting the protesters are outlaws and not foreign in origin. The lack of agreement among differing authorities over the cause of the carnage only magnifies the image of complete anarchy in the region. It seems everyone asked has a different theory of what force is responsible.

As many as 25 women were victims of mob rape last weekend. One victim’s account follows: “Suddenly men wearing black ski masks carrying long knives and clubs were jumping the fence to our left. It was impossible to tell which side they were on, but they turned out to be from the (anarchist) Black Bloc, and joined those protecting us. Some of them were trying to rescue a woman stripped naked by the mob meters away.”

Much of the information coming out of the maelstrom appears contradictory, and time will only tell which side will prevail as well as which is in our best interest of prevailing.

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.Twitter @Russell1Chuck

Chuck Russell is a contributor to The Brenner Brief.
Twitter @Russell1Chuck

More protests are planned for today by the April 6 Movement. The group is credited with beginning the protests that led to the coup forcing Mubarak out of office. They are maintaining the demonstrations will be peaceful, but judging by recent events, there will probably be more violence and bloodshed.

Whether the protesters or the government are to blame for the strife in the region remains to be seen.

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