Hillary: “I leave the State Dept. more confident than I was 4 years ago”

Hillary Clinton leaves the State Department today in the wake of the attacks in Turkey this morning, with unanswered questions about Benghazi, deadly riots in Egypt, and concerns about how terrorism is being handled in the Middle East and North Africa.

hillary clinton with glassesAs she gave her final speech today, she said, “I leave the State Department more confident than I was four years ago.” Her farewell remarks expressed concerns about Turkey, but she also mentioned that she had a conversation with counterparts in Turkey today to demonstrate support and gratitude.

In the televised coverage of her remarks, Clinton was surrounded by what appeared to be several hundred people, if not more, in the State Department building. Those present were cheering, smiling, taking pictures, and Clinton worked the rope line. Her speech was held in the C Street Lobby in the State Department building.

As she leaves the State Department as the 67th Secretary of State, she seems to be loved by Democrats, respected by those in the center, and questioned by the right. As always, Clinton is a polarizing figure who leaves the department without any major achievements or the appearance of much progress that would be easily recognizable.

Should Clinton run for president in 2016, at the very least, she will have additional contacts and the respect of those whom she led. In the meantime, we will await her decision on her future plans, and whether those plans will include answering any questions about Benghazi.

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