Chuck Hagel shredded by Sen. Ted Cruz: a “sickening slaughter”

In confirmation hearings Thursday, freshman Senator Ted Cruz effectively shredded the president’s nominee for Secretary of DefenseChuck Hagel. It was embarrassing, for Hagel, to watch the questioning on television given his inability to explain his way out of a wet paper bag.

Perhaps the most poignant questioning of the day was from Sen. Cruz. If you are undecided on Hagel or are unaware of his prior statements, it is imperative that you view these videos. We submit that it is not possible to support Hagel’s nomination after viewing the videos from yesterday’s hearings and understanding the angle from which Sen. Cruz expresses his concern.

Sen. Cruz was aggressive in the questioning due to Hagel’s form interview with Al-Jazeera (which now owns Al Gore‘s former network, Current TV), shown below:

Sen. Cruz demonstrated what a person who loves the United States of America — her freedoms, liberties, responsibilities, connection with Israel — should have said all of these years. Instead, we got Chuck Hagel.

With his evasion of the questions today and what thought leaders have called one of the worst confirmation hearings in modern history, will his nomination be confirmed in the Senate or will Republicans have the courage to block him?

cruz with hagel israel quote

Sen. Ted Cruz questioning Ted Hagel Thursday.

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  1. chuckrussell3 says:

    I’m seeing red. I can’t believe how incompotent these people are. I honestly don’t think this administration could run a Dairy Queen. It’s sickening.

  2. I think it’s important to show respect to Sen. Hagel who fought in battle in Vietnam, as did Senator Kerry and Senator McCain. All three of these gentlemen were awarded numerous awards for their bravery and service to our country. Senator Cruz on the other hand has never worn a military uniform to support our freedoms.

    Senator Cruz was one of just three senators who did not vote to confirm Senator Kerry as Secretary of State. All of the other Republican senators except those three voted to confirm him.

    Using inflammatory headline words such as those used in this posting are not needed and do not add to a thoughful discourse and discussion of the topic. I think that men and women who have served in combat to defend our liberty and freedoms have a unique view of war, weapons, patriotism, etc. that we who have not served, do not.

    When Senator McCain was running for president he mentioned he’d like Senator Hagel to be his Secretary of Defense.

    I would urge folks to watch the entire Al Jazeera interview with Senator Hagel before jumping to conclusions. Senator Cruz took things out of context of the entire interview. It’s easy to pull out a few words here, a few sentences there and to manipulate it to your cause. So, please, watch the entire interview and read/watch other opinions and viewpoints of the hearings and about Senator Hagel and his positions before commenting.

    And let’s be respectful to all of our veterans. They’ve earned it.

    • Sorry, “gopwin”, but I think you are confusing rightful respect for veteran’s service with qualifications to be the Defense Secretary. Hagel has been long known to be soft on Islamic countries and terrorism and harsh on Israel. To Hagel we must apply God’s direction in Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and pin you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” By the way, John Kerry created his own reports to get himself medals to create a false sense of heroism during the Vietnam War…and his ship mates validated this. McCain also has invalidated his “courageous” service as a POW by being a known globalist which has devalues American sovereignty.

      • Winston 7…Sir, have you no shame? Senator McCain endured physical and mental torture for years while in a POW camp in North Vietnam. His physical injuries remain to this day. Fellow shipmates of Senator Kerry validate his courageous service. Don’t just believe the few swift boaters.

        I will stand with Senators McCain, Kerry, and Hagel who put their lives on the line in the Vietnam War to protect our liberties and our freedoms. Senator Cruz has not done that. He avoided military service to help his country. He did spend time at Goldman Sachs, so maybe that qualifies as patriotic service.

    • Just because someone is a veteran does not mean they are competent to run the department.

  3. The irony of the Senate hearings on Hagel is that Democrat Jews support him while evangelical pro-Israel Senators do NOT. Now how much sense does that make that Jewish senators support a pro-Islamic, pro-Iran Defense Secretary nominee? If sincere Zionists in America heeded the Biblical call to return from the diaspora to their native Israel, much would change with the heart of Jews in America.

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